Scuba Diving

Many adventure sports involve expensive equipment and require you to take an in-depth theoretical and practical course, such as scuba diving. Once your course is successfully completed, and all the necessary equipment is bought, you will still need to refill your oxygen bottle, and in some cases pay for boat hire and fuel, so you should be 100% sure scuba diving is really the sport for you before spending a small fortune.

Scuba Diving Benidorm

A scuba diving excursion is the perfect, and cheapest way to get below the waves and experience all the underwater world has to offer, before deciding whether you wish to take it up as a sport, hobby or even profession. Benidorm is an excellent holiday destination for all types of exciting attractions, activities and water sports, and you don't have to go far to find them. Marco Polo Expediciones are based in the city centre, offer some fantastic activities and their scuba diving excursion is one of their most popular.

They offer 2 dives, either off the beach or a boat dive, and depending on which you choose your instructor will demonstrate the important aspects of scuba diving, how to stay safe, how best to wear the equipment for maximum comfort and the basic hand signals used throughout the scuba diving world. You will practice breathing under water and add or remove weights until your buoyancy is correct before setting off on your underwater adventure where, staying close to your instructor, you will soon start to relax and hopefully enjoy an exciting dive.

Dive Itinerary & Prices

  • Included: The price of your diving excursion includes a dive and safety briefing, 1 instructor for every 2 divers, full equipment, and a dive of approximately 30 minutes to a depth of 8 metres.
  • Prices: Boat dive 80€, beach dive 70€.
  • Availability: Depending on weather conditions, scuba diving excursions are available daily.


After a night on the town during your Benidorm holiday, what better way to clear the cobwebs and get the blood pumping than taking to the skies for a parasailing boat ride.