With the largest amount of high rise buildings in the world per capita, Benidorm certainly boasts an excellent choice of accommodation. Famous for its package holidays, this once small fishing village has seen a remarkable growth and is now one of Europe's most popular holiday destinations. It's not hard to see why this city attracts so many visitors, with fantastic golden sand beaches, world class attractions, thrilling activities and legendary nightlife, some visitors return to Benidorm year after year.

Hotels and Beach of Benidorm.

Accommodation Options

With its popularity comes competition, especially within the tourism and hotel catering industries and due to this competition visitors to the city reap the benefits. In Benidorm it is possible to get a package holiday including flights for less than you would pay for a holiday if you were to stay at home, so why would you not opt for glorious sunshine, beautiful beaches and ridiculously cheap food and drink. The huge amount of accommodation and package deals now available makes it possible for holidaymakers to choose just what suits them best.

Benidorm Hotels

There are hundreds of hotels in Benidorm, from those with no star rating to luxurious five star resort complexes boasting extensive gardens, numerous swimming pools, spa & wellness centres, a choice of restaurants and amazing services offering all you could want down to the choice of pillows on your bed. The majority of the city's hotels are in the three and four star categories offering options from accommodation only to all inclusive deals.

Star ratings can be confusing when choosing a hotel; for instance you could find a four star hotel that is miles from the beach but offers a spa centre and a choice of restaurants, whereas you could get a two star hotel front line to the beach that only has a basic buffet restaurant. It is really just a matter of choice and budget, deciding whether you really need a swimming pool when you're metres from the beach or choosing a hotel with three restaurants when it is located in the heart of the city and surrounded by restaurants.

Holiday Apartments

By far the most popular accommodation choice in Benidorm is self catering holiday apartments that take up much of the city's skyline. These can range from tiny studio apartments to huge penthouses with up to four bedrooms and large wrap around balconies. They are scattered throughout the city, some close to the beaches but very few front line as this prime real estate is taken up with hotels.

There are various benefits in choosing a holiday apartment, the main one being the amount of people they can accommodate making them extremely popular with large families and groups. Most young children would actually prefer to eat chicken nuggets and chips or beans on toast than a restaurant meal, and this is another benefit of self catering, not to mention a huge saving on the holiday budget.

Holiday apartments come in all shapes and sizes, some basically just an apartment with no facilities and others elaborate affairs, more similar to hotels with gardens, swimming pools and on-site facilities such as bars, restaurants, guest lounges and games rooms. Within Benidorm's residential areas it is also possible to find self catering holiday homes with private gardens and swimming pools or shared leisure facilities found in gated communities.

Country Guest Houses

Benidorm enjoys a privileged position, with a beautiful coastline of sandy beaches backed by lush countryside and mountain ranges where you will find the majority of its country guest houses. These offer the best of both worlds and are popular with the more discerning traveller. Most are within a short drive to the city meaning guests could be hiking the mountain nature trails during the day and enjoying the bright lights of the city at night.

Again, the choice of country accommodation varies greatly, from a basic room in a traditional Spanish village house to elaborate country mansions complete with swimming pools, tennis courts, gymnasiums and landscaped gardens, where cordon blue chefs tempt the palate and smartly dressed maids tend to your every need.

Camping Grounds

Benidorm's fantastic weather makes it possible to camp all year round and the city and surrounding residential areas boast a great choice of camping grounds and resorts. It is possible to camp practically anywhere on the Costa Blanca where there is a bit of vacant land, and motor homes and camper vans are a common sight along much of the coastline.

The choice of where to camp is down to individual needs really and visitors will find very basic sites with just a level area for a few tents and one small ablution block, favoured by budget backpack travellers. Then there are the huge resorts much loved by the young ones where it's possible to enjoy your entire holiday without leaving the resort. These offer a choice of accommodation from tent pitches to large bungalows, extensive gardens complete with their own aqua park, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, excellent sporting facilities, shops, supermarkets, bars, restaurants and daily activities and live entertainment for all the family.