Powerboard Scooter Hire

I do enjoy it when I get the chance to write about something I have a real passion for such as Powerboards, and I'm pleased to say that Powerboard scooter hire is now available in Benidorm. In 2002, being relatively new to the UK and not having a UK motorcycle licence, when I saw my first Powerboard I had to have it. Back then there was a bit of a grey area regards licencing laws for Powerboards in the UK and being electric they were classed in the same category as mobility scooters. Sadly as they became more powerful and advanced the licencing laws were changed and Powerboards were classed as a scooter, requiring a licence.

Modern Technology

As is the case with most new gadgets that hit the market, my first Powerboard cost an arm and leg, did a maximum speed of about 15 km/hr, had one drum brake, no seat, no suspension and rubbish tyres that got punctures on a weekly basis, but I was still hooked and rode it every day until the poor little motor just gave up. I am glad to say they've come on in leaps and bounds since then and for less than I paid for my first one, you can now get Powerboards that have up to 1600W electric motors, do up to 45 km/hr, have dual disk brakes, detachable seats, dual suspension and large chunky tyres that can take on any terrain.

Powerboard Scooter Hire

Fortunately for visitors to Benidorm the laws in Spain are different and no licence is required to ride Powerboards. This is ideal for those that want to get around the city and have the power of a conventional petrol scooter but don't have a licence. Located in the popular Rincon de Loix area of Benidorm, ADA Scooters offer their customers a selection of transport options including bicycles, scooters, Segways, mobility scooters and Powerboard scooter hire.

Powerboard Specs

These are the latest boards with sturdy frames, wide handlebars, powerful motors, dual brakes and suspension, chunky wheels, multiple batteries for a better distance range and detachable seats. With the seat they are great for city riding and cruises along the promenade, and once the seat is removed it gives the rider the chance to use their body and control the Powerboard more like a skateboard or surfboard, excellent for off road riding. They have a quick release folding mechanism so they can be put in the boot of a car or taken on certain public transport.