Often referred to as the city that never sleeps, there are over 40 nightclubs in Benidorm that keep the party hard young crowds going until the sun comes up; and if that's not enough there are ‘morning' clubs that only open around 6am and keep going until the early evening. The relaxed licencing laws in Benidorm extend to the bars, many of which stay open until after midnight and feature DJ's and live music, making it difficult at times to determine whether they are a bar or nightclub.

Super Clubs

You would be forgiven for thinking, well that's easy nightclubs don't serve food, but there you would be mistaken. Welcome to Benidorm's super clubs, which really need to be seen to be believed. With lighting and sound systems that rival those of a rock concert, a capacity for over 5,000 revellers, several dance halls, numerous bars, swimming pools and yes, complete with restaurants. Nightclubs in Benidorm are not as internationally renowned as those in Ibiza but with cover charges not much more than 30€, they are a lot easier on the pocket and still feature some of the world's top DJ's such as Judge Jules, Carl Cox and David Morales.

The majority of the larger nightclubs in Benidorm are predominantly frequented by young Spanish party goers with Spanish DJ's and modern Latino music, although during the peak summer months they do accommodate the hoards of holidaymakers and put on a good mix of music and DJ's. In the case of the super clubs that have several dance halls, it is possible to have R&B and hip hop in one, dance and techno in a second and Latino in a third, which makes for a truly cosmopolitan crowd with one thing in common, party hard 🙂

Nightclubs in Benidorm are usually referred to as ‘Discotecas‘ and the super clubs are located outside the city centre on Av. Valenciana where there is a lot less densely built residential areas and the pumping music is less likely to cause problems, although i'm sure some residents in the nearby Villasol Camping Resort have a few sleepless nights!

City Clubs

With Benidorm being a popular holiday destination for many British visitors, most of the nightclubs are located in the city centre, a good number of them dotted around the famous English Square. This area is lively both day and night, with a superb choice of bars where during the day visitors can enjoy a great mix of music and all the latest sports on the multiple TV screens most bars have. Favourite British food and drinks are served in most of the establishments around the Square and stand up comedians, tribute acts and solo artists keep the crowds happy well into the evening.

Late night sees this area of the city really come alive and it can often be likened to a huge street party with crowds spilling out of one club and straight into the next. During the summer some of the clubs, especially the ones with outdoor terraces put on foam parties and everyone seems to be playing some sort of drinking game and generally having a raucous time. City nightclubs in Benidorm cater for all age groups where you will find rock & roll clubs belting out tunes of the 50's and 60's, country and western style clubs complete with line dancers and rock clubs with their faithful following of leather and denim clad die hard rockers.

Although not a nightclub, the famous Benidorm Palace certainly deserves a mention. Since its opening night way back in 1977, Benidorm Palace has been a success story and host to some of the most famous international artists, bands and shows. When not hosting large concerts, the palace puts on a variety of entertainment such as cabaret acts, flamenco shows, stand up comedy, magic shows and solo artists. During these performances visitors can also enjoy a delicious four course meal accompanied by wine and cava, making for a memorable evening.