Water Activities

With its fantastic coastal location and close to 5 million visitors each year, water activities in Benidorm are big business, with a number of activity and adventure tour operators setting up in the city each summer. This is not to say that visitors can't enjoy water activities during the low season, as there are several well established companies that have permanent offices, marina berths and water sports and activities equipment in Benidorm all year round.

Water Activities In Benidorm

Regardless whether you are single, in a group or a family with young children, there are water activities in Benidorm to suit all ages, from gentle banana boat rides to extreme activities such as fly boarding. Even if the banana boat is a bit too rough for the little ones, the city's superb beaches have exciting floating adventure playgrounds similar to large bouncy castles with slides and jungle gyms. Many of the water activities can be enjoyed as an individual and there are also some great group activities, perfect for a day out during a stag or hen do.

Individual Water Activities

Whoever you may be visiting Benidorm with, some water activities are not everyone's cup of tea but there are many thrilling activities to do if you are on your own, some offering the option to also join a group. Jet ski is one of the most popular things to do on a holiday and Benidorm offers both individual jet ski hire and the chance to join a group on a jet ski excursion which is an excellent way to explore the beautiful Costa Blanca coastline.

The crazy invention of fly boarding has taken the world by storm and, once you have had a bit of practice allows you to literally fly, twist, turn and dive in and out the water. Another new craze to hit the beaches is the flying fish which is operated the same as a banana boat, but due to the flat wing like shape, it actually lifts out of the water and flies behind the boat. Cable ski has a dedicated area in Benidorm harbour and is a far safer alternative to conventional water skiing as there is no speedboat out on the water which is a huge danger to swimmers.

Surfing, wind and kite surfing have their dedicated followers hitting Benidorm's beaches each year but they are also available for complete novices who, after a few lessons can enjoy these fun and exciting activities. Stand up paddle and sea kayaking is one of the water activities that can be enjoyed solo or as part of a group excursion, and a wonderful new activity for most age groups is an underwater sea walk using specially adapted lightweight bell helmets. For the more serious underwater enthusiast, there is a super selection of scuba diving activities and courses available, and both sea and lake fishing offer a more sedate holiday pastime.

Group Water Activities

Adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers are always on the lookout for something faster or more daring to try, and with the huge advances in modern technology they are not disappointed, with new crazes being invented at a rapid pace. Speedboats not thrilling enough for you? Well try the super fast Seafurious jet boat that can carry up to 12 passengers and reaches top speed in seconds, turning on a dime and performing all sorts of stunts. For a more sedate experience that is perfect for families, hiring a motor dinghy under a certain size and engine capacity can be done without a licence in Benidorm and offers great family fun exploring the coastline.

For fun in and out the water, canyoning is a real adventure that can be practised in both dry and river canyons, but for the ultimate thrill that also keeps you cool in the hot summer months, river canyoning is done by a combination of repelling down canyon walls, rock pool jumping and swimming. A similar water activity that is practised in rocky coastal coves is coasteering that combines rock climbing, scrambling, zip-line and cliff jumping in order to traverse a difficult section of coastline. So, when planning your next Benidorm holiday be sure to check out all the great articles on water and other activities listed in Benidorm Insider.