Vehicle Hire

Holidaymakers and business travellers can enjoy a superb choice of vehicle hire in Benidorm, from funky Skorpion Quadline roller skates to entire tour buses. The layout of the city and its accommodation options makes it possible for many visitors to enjoy their holiday without the need of transport. Most hotels and holiday apartments are within walking distance to the two main beaches and a number of services and facilities such as shops, markets, cafes, bars and restaurants. Some visitors though are staying in the outer lying areas or wish to get out and explore the beautiful coastline and countryside around the city, making vehicle hire necessary.

Car Hire

The most popular form of vehicle hire in Benidorm is cars, with most of the scooters you see around the city owned by local residents. Most visitors plan ahead and arrange car hire from the airport they are arriving at, although if you decide you wish to hire a car during your stay there are a number of international and independent car hire companies in the city. Hiring a vehicle from Alicante Airport will save in taxi fares and gives visitors a wider choice of hire firms and vehicle options.

The choice of international car hire companies at Alicante Airport include well known firms such as Hertz, Avis, Goldcar, Record Go, Sixt and Europcar, whereas Benidorm has a smaller selection but more choice when it comes to independent companies. Visitors need to bear in mind, they may find a cheaper deal from an independent company but the vehicle choice will not be as good, and in some cases the vehicle itself not in as good condition. It is also wise to thoroughly check vehicles for damage and check all paperwork before signing a contact.

Bike Hire

Vehicle hire in Benidorm covers many different modes of transport, and when searching for scooter hire on the internet visitors may be surprised at the amount of mobility scooter hire firms there are in the city. Benidorm gets its fair share of elderly and disabled visitors but not nearly the amount to warrant all the mobility scooters on the roads and pavements that, to be quite honest are an annoyance and certainly not fair on the elderly or those that actually have a disability.

A trend seems to have developed in the city where these companies will hire a mobility scooter to just about anyone, regardless of whether they have a disability or not, and it's common to see groups of people piled onto one of these scooters just because they're too lazy to walk.

There are a few scooter or moped hire companies, most offering 50cc or 125cc scooters from as little as 9€ per day, although quite a hefty deposit is required and either a car licence is required for 50cc scooters or a motorcycle licence for 125cc and above.

Bicycle hire is common, and apart from hire companies a lot of the hotels have bike hire facilities. Visitors can rent anything from a standard city or mountain bike to top of the range racing cycles. There are also a few companies that rent electric bicycles which are more costly but a blessing in the hot summer months or when tackling Benidorm's many hills.

Fun Hire

Vehicle hire in benidorm comes in all forms and visitors can even rent roller skates! The latest version available are Skorpion Quadline roller skates that are an Australian invention and come with large wheels and even 4×4 suspension, great for the young ones to enjoy along the beach promenades. Other fun modes of transport include self balancing segways, electric powerboards (go-peds) and cute little electric buggies that sit two people and come with the latest GPS systems and audio tour guides for various areas of the city.