Mobility Scooter Hire, Benidorm

Holidaymakers visiting Benidorm who have limited mobility are well catered for as the majority of the city and its beaches are wheelchair friendly, and there are a selection of companies offering mobility scooter hire. Some visitors choose to use conventional wheelchairs which is fine on short trips, but Benidorm is quite hilly and some of the pavement ramps and beach access ramps are steep and can pose a problem. Summer temperatures in the city can reach as high as 40 degrees Celsius and unless you are fit and used to extreme heat, getting around in a wheelchair during the summer months can soon become tiring.

Mobility scooter hire enables you to effortlessly navigate the city, and with a 36 kilometre range on a full charge, allows you to visit some of the scenic surrounding areas and attractions. Centrally located in the Rincon de Loix area of Benidorm is the well established ADA Scooters. They offer their customers a range of transport options, including single and double seater mobility scooters, Segway self balancing scooters, powerboard scooters and electric bicycles. They also have a range of new and second hand mobility scooters for sale.

Mobility Scooter Hire Options

Leo Single Seater – Manufactured by Invacare, the Leo scooter is their smaller and more lightweight option that has excellent manoeuvrability and can travel up to 36 kilometres on a full charge depending on riders weight and steepness of gradients.

Orion Single Seater – Manufactured by Invacare, the Orion scooter is the most powerful in their range and is ideal for larger riders. Also offering excellent manoeuvrability, the Orion can travel up to 40 kilometres on a full charge and handles steep gradients with ease.

Limo Double Seater Scooter – With the speed and responsiveness of these scooters, those getting around the city with a partner or friend in tow often find themselves scooting ahead. A double seater Limo scooter solves the problem and they are powerful enough to carry 2 persons for up to 30 kilometres on a full charge.

Child & Pet Carriers – For those on holiday with young children or pets, ADA Scooters offer specially adapted carts that attach to the back of their scooters. The carts are lightweight, easy to tow and have canvas sun covers with ventilated windows and entrance flap.

Location & Services

  • ADA Scooters are located on Coblanca 7, Calle Castellon 4, Rincon de Loix, Benidorm
  • Single and double mobility scooter hire and sales
  • Child & pet carrier hire
  • Segway and powerboard hire
  • Electric bicycle hire