Benidorm Things To Do

Most people considering taking a vacation choose a holiday destination that offers a good variety of attractions, activities and entertainment so they can get the most out of their well earned leave, and when looking at things to do, Benidorm certainly has it all. Its favourable location on the Costa Blanca offers a beautiful and diverse coastline backed by delightful countryside and mountain ranges just waiting to be explored. With all of this on its doorstep, the city of Benidorm is geared towards fun, excitement and adventure for all age groups.

Beach in Benidorm

Outdoor Pursuits

With year round sunshine and long hot summers, Benidorm offers a staggering amount of things to do in the great outdoors. Its biggest attraction for most visitors are its two main beaches that form wide bays of golden sand, meeting at a headland upon which sits the picturesque Balcón del Mediterráneo. During the peak summer months these beaches receive thousands of visitors each day and they boast excellent facilities, beach sports and gently sloping sands ideal for families with young children.

Things To Do On Land

Although the beaches are Benidorm's biggest attraction, the city and surrounding countryside offer endless things to do. The large L'Aiguera Park takes up a good portion of the city where visitors can enjoy nature walks, picnics and impromptu live music in its outdoor auditorium. The Serra Gelada Nature Park lies at the north end of Levante Beach and is an area of hiking trails where visitors can explore the interesting flora & fauna and enjoy lovely views out to sea.

Benidorm's theme parks are some of the best in Europe and provide thrills and excitement for all age groups with excellent rides and flamboyant shows bringing in the crowds. There are also a selection of animal parks in the city and two safari parks within an hour's drive. The mountainous area behind Benidorm is the perfect setting for a range of adventure sports and tours and the city is home to a selection of adventure tour operators. Within a short drive from the city visitors can enjoy some superb golf courses and exclusive golf resorts, and within the city there is a 9 hole course as well as a couple of places to play mini golf.

Things To Do On The Water

Benidorm's diverse coastline provides calm beach areas with lifeguards for safe swimming, rocky coves ideal for fishing and snorkelling, and protected marine parks where the pristine underwater world attracts keen scuba divers. The marina is a hive of activity where a superb range of individual water sports and activities can be booked and there is also a good choice of group water activities and boat, kayak and jet ski tours available.

There are two thrilling water parks in the city set in beautiful parkland boasting lakes, rivers, waterfalls, pools and even man made beaches and wave pools. The rides and slides are the main attraction though, and Aqualandia is home to the Europe's highest standing water slide. A short drive into the mountains visitors can enjoy an icy dip in the numerous rock pools that form part of the stunning Algar Waterfalls, and not far from the falls is Guadalest Lake that makes for a lovely family day out where you can enjoy a picnic and swim in the calm waters.

Things To Do In The Air

Yes, Benidorm even has things to do in the air, although some of these activities are based in the surrounding countryside. The mountains and rugged coastline are where visitors can try their hand at hang gliding or the more modern aerial sport of paragliding. With the nature of the sport and dangers involved it is not something one can try on their own without any experience. So, participants are strapped to a qualified instructor who does all the hard work, allowing you to just enjoy the thrill of soaring through the skies on wind thermals.

A similar sensation can be experienced solo when trying parasailing where participants are strapped into a harness attached to a cable, which is in turn is connected to the back of a speed boat. The parasail is attached to the back of the harness and as the boat gently starts to move away, air fills the parasail and participants are lifted into the air and once floating freely, the cable is let out on a winch until you are soaring high above the beaches and sea. For the less adventurous there are helicopter flights over the city that offer amazing panoramic views.

Indoor Pursuits

Not to be outdone by all the sunseeking outdoor pursuits available, Benidorm offers a superb selection of things to do indoors. Many of the city's hundreds of bars entertain visitors with live music, stand up comedy, games & quizzes, karaoke and cabaret acts. There are indoor sporting activities, cinema complexes, 10 pin bowling, laser war games, amusement arcades, simulators and the latest indoor craze called escape rooms where teams are locked in a themed room that has hidden clues and riddles to solve in order to escape.

The most popular of all the city's indoor things to do is definitely the famous Benidorm Palace. Word has it that when the lights were switched on for its opening night on 12th July 1977, such was its popularity the lights have never been switched off since! Here visitors can enjoy a magical night of wining & dining accompanied by live shows, music performances, stand up comedy and dazzling cabaret acts. It is also the venue for popular international bands.