Alicante City To Benidorm Bus

The Alsa Bus Company offer regular services throughout Spain's Costa Blanca, and the Alicante City to Benidorm bus is one of their most popular routes. In the 6 months I have been living in Torrevieja, I have spoken to a number of people who take regular holidays here, yet have never used the local bus services. Most will say they are too complicated, or that they avoid using the buses because they don't speak Spanish.

This really is a pity as the beautiful Costa Blanca has so many fantastic villages, towns, cities and attractions to see that are all reachable by local bus. So, I have set about physically taking some of the more popular bus routes in order to hopefully make things easier for those sceptical of going on a bus journey during their stay.

Alicante City To Benidorm Bus

I have already written an article on the Torrevieja to Alicante City bus so I will start this Alicante City to Benidorm bus journey from Alicante Bus Terminus which is in the marina area, adjacent to the Puerto Mar Shopping Complex. Upon entering the terminus it is evident that excellent planning has gone into the modern, clean and very efficient building complex. All the bus bays are clearly marked and each has an overhead digital display showing which is the next bus for that particular bay. There is also regular bus announcements over a PA system (in Spanish)

Alicante Bus Terminus

The building is set over 2 levels with ample seating and clean toilets on both levels. On the ground floor there are several tour bus ticket booths and drink & snack machines. The upper level houses the ticket booths for the Alsa Bus Company and a bright, modern café/bar offering an assortment of soft and alcoholic drinks as well as a choice of snacks and meals. If you are running late, it is possible to purchase your ticket on the bus, although priority boarding will be given to those in the queue who have already purchased a ticket, so if you haven't, you will be asked to wait for all ticket holders to board first, and during peak summer months you may not get a seat.

When getting your ticket from the Alsa ticket booths remember to ask for a printout of the bus timetable as some of the bus times are only for certain days. If arriving in Alicante from Torrevieja, the bus stops and returns from bays 18 & 19. The buses to and from Benidorm are from bays 4 & 5. All the bus journeys I have taken so far have been on time for arrival and departure within 5 minutes either way. All Alsa buses are clean, comfortable and have individual air conditioning and a toilet. The Alicante City to Benidorm bus journey has no stops until you reach Benidorm.

Once in Benidorm the bus stops first in a residential area of high rise holiday apartments and hotels, and then continues down Av. Dr Ortis Llorca that is lined with bar/restaurants. It then goes left along Av. del Mediterráneo and left again on Av. de Europa which is the main road in and out of the city. Here it goes 1 block up to the main city stop where there is a small Alsa ticket booth. This is also the stop for the return journey and buses to Alicante Airport. Please note: Neither on my inward or return journey did the bus go to Benidorm's main bus terminus which I find highly unusual and can only think there is another service to Alicante City from Benidorm bus terminus.

Bus Times & Prices

The Alicante City to Benidorm bus journey takes between 40 mins – 50 mins and costs a very reasonable 4.00€ for a single journey. From Alicante to Benidorm the buses run from 00:15 to 21:15 roughly every 40 mins. From Benidorm to Alicante the buses run from 02:30 to 23:50 and are also about every 40 mins. Please note: All prices may be subject to change.


While waiting for my bus at Alicante bus terminus I noted down some of the other buses that operate from there, although not all the bus bay digital displays were showing buses: Santa Pola (bay 9) Elche – Crevallente (bay 14) Alcoy – Castalla (bay 17).