Sports and Fitness

With all the indulgent wining and dining, snacks and takeaways most visitors enjoy during a Benidorm holiday, some like to do a bit of sports and fitness training to help keep trim and it's nice to know there are numerous sports and fitness facilities available in the city and outer lying areas. Benidorm boasts some of the best hotels in the country and many of them will have at least a swimming pool, some also offering tennis courts, gymnasiums and spa centres.

Sports and Fitness Facilities

By far the biggest and most popular sports and fitness facility in Benidorm is one that is free to all, the glorious Mediterranean sea! We all love to swim, especially when on holiday in a hot country, and Benidorm's fantastic beaches receive thousands of visitors each day enjoying a relaxing cool dip or vigorous swim depending on how energetic we are. Inland from the city visitors will also find a variety of lovely lakes to enjoy a swim or the stunning Algar Waterfalls where the waters are crystal clear and icy cold all year round.

Another popular recreational sport is tennis, and if you are staying in a hotel that doesn't have courts you will find the majority of hotels that do will allow the general public to play for a court fee. Alternately there are public tennis courts in the city as well as padel courts, a popular game with the Spanish similar to a combination of tennis and squash where the glass sides of the court also come into play. Petanca or boules is popular with the city's Scandinavian visitors and resident expats, and for the more discerning visitor there are several superb golf clubs and exclusive golf resorts within a short drive from the city.

Sports and Fitness Adventures

For the more spirited visitor to Benidorm, a number of sports and fitness adventures can be found in the surrounding countryside and mountains. Again, popular with Scandinavians and north Europeans, hiking or Alpine walking is a wonderful way to keep fit and at the same time enjoy the beautiful countryside on a number of hiking trails and ‘greenways' that wind their way through fields, orchards valleys and mountains. A step up the fitness ladder is the sport of rock scrambling which is similar to hiking although with quite a few steep trails involved where scramblers need to use their hands to overcome obstacles, hence ‘scrambling'.

Benidorm's mountain ranges also boast some excellent rock climbing routes of varying grades to test even the most experienced climbers. These can be climbed solo, although solo climbing is not recommended due to the dangers involved, and as part of a rock climbing holiday. Great fun and vigorous exercise can be enjoyed on a selection of via ferratas which is a combination of hiking, scrambling, rock climbing and abseiling using an assortment of aids such as ropes, steel cables, rungs, ladders, bridges and zip-lines.

If you fancy the fun and thrill of tackling the mountains without the physical strain then you should try the fantastic Down Hill Bike Ride. Riders, and bikes supplied by the company are driven to the top of Aitana Mountain where after kitting up riders can enjoy the 30 kilometre ride back down to the bottom without the need to pedal (you even get a certificate). For the more serious or professional rider the surrounding mountains are the venue for various cycling training camps that include expert coaches, discounted bike hire, accommodation and meals.