Levante Beach

Of Benidorm's two main beaches, Levante Beach is the most popular due to its location being closest to the city centre. Backed by a lively promenade lined with bars, cafés, ice cream parlours and restaurants, visitors can enjoy a great selection of food and drink without having to venture very far. The fine, golden sand beach is long and wide, and the city centre backdrop is quite dramatic with its multitude of high rise buildings. To give you an idea of how busy the beach gets, during the summer months it boasts no less than 5,000 sun beds!!

Levante Beach
Source: Flickr / @CyprusPictures

The city council understand the substantial revenue Levante Beach brings to the economy, and have wisely set aside a good budget to keep it spotlessly clean and provide the best facilities possible. There is a modern Tourist Information Bureau located at the ”Old Town” end of the beach, lifeguards, first aid station, disability access, beach sports facilities and even a library.

Levante Beach Water Sports

Water sports facilities such as jet ski, flyboarding and parasailing can be found in the marina which is just past the Tourist Information Bureau, at the beginning of Poniente Beach. At the opposite end of Levante Beach in the Rincon de Loix area, water sports enthusiasts can enjoy water skiing, wake boarding and knee boarding in a totally safe environment. Cable Ski Benidorm is set in a 1000 square metre private perimeter and offers exciting skiing and boarding using motorised cables to tow skiers, enabling you to perform all sorts of stunts.

Levante Beach is very family friendly, and the gently shelving sand is great for the younger ones or those who don't swim too well. Out on the water there are a good selection of fun, blow up soft play platforms boasting slides, diving boards, bridges, rafts and bouncy castles. Kids will be in awe at some of the beautiful sand sculptures that can be seen on the beach, but please remember these are works of art in their own right and are quite delicate, so respect the artists and don't let the kids touch them.

Don't Get Lost

A parents main concern when visiting a busy beach is losing their children, and the council have cleverly erected large colourful signs to be used as reference points for lost kids to meet up with their parents. So, when visiting Levante Beach, be sure to look out for the nearest sign from where you choose to set up camp, and make sure the young ones know just what sign to meet you at if they get lost (can also be useful for drunk husbands!)

Poniente Beach

Separated from Levante Beach by the headland of Benidorm's Old Town, Poniente Beach is the larger, although quieter of the city's beaches.