Benidorm Airports

Depending on the airline or which city passengers are flying from, there are three airports that are within a reasonable drive from Benidorm. Being the closest and boasting the greatest number of flights, Alicante International Airport is the most popular choice for most visitors from Europe and the United Kingdom. A bit further afield but pretty much the same distance from Benidorm, both Valencia and Murcia-San Javier airports provide a further choice of flights for holidaymakers and business travellers.

Alicante Airport

Alicante Airport or Alicante-Elche Airport as it is sometimes referred to is around 40 minutes drive from Benidorm and about 80% of flights arriving at the airport are international. The majority of these passengers are from northern Europe and the United Kingdom, many arriving on a variety of European budget airlines. A new terminal was constructed to meet the demands of greater air traffic and opened in 2011 making it one of the busiest airports in Spain.

Passengers travelling through Alicante Airport and members of the public dropping them off and picking them up can enjoy a good selection of services, shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. These include international food and drink outlets such as Burger King, Subway and Costa Coffee. There is also a pharmacy, tobacconist and, once through passport control, a selection of duty free shops. Also once past passport control, business class passengers or those paying for the service can enjoy the luxury and benefits of Sala Ifach VIP Lounge.

Murcia Airport

Murcia is the smallest of the airports although it is extremely popular with travellers visiting south Costa Blanca's holiday resorts and cities. Also about 1 hour 30 minutes drive from Benidorm, Murcia Airport really has a holiday feel to it with a delightful outdoor bar and seating area just outside the terminal doors. Here visitors can enjoy an ice cold beer or coffee while waiting for passengers or order a meal or snack from the indoor Serunion Restaurant.

Once past passport control passengers have a choice of a further Serunion Restaurant, Subway or tasty Spanish fare from the Iberico Gourmet Shop. There is also Marga Shoes & Accessories Store as well as a small duty free shop. Although a charming little airport, the big drawback visitors face is the lack of a bus service, so unless you have friends or family to pick you up a taxi to Benidorm will cost in the region of 190€.

Valencia Airport

Valencia Airport is about 1 hour 30 minutes drive from Benidorm and receives less air traffic than Alicante, but is still a major hub for visitors from northern Europe and the United Kingdom with around 70% flight traffic being international. It boasts similar services to Alicante Airport although there is not as much choice of shops and restaurants in the public areas having only a couple of cafes, a coffee shop and pharmacy.

The passenger only areas after passport control offer a larger choice of services that include a duty free shop, gift and convenience store, clothing and accessories store, restaurant, cafe, bar and Burger King take away. Valencia Airport also offers a VIP Lounge with similar services and entry control to Alicante's VIP Lounge although not as large in size.