With its well earned reputation as the party capital of the Costa Blanca, the bars in Benidorm offer visitors a superb choice of entertainment, great value drink prices and promotions, and late night opening hours. Due to the country's relaxed licencing laws and the fact that most Spaniards don't have their evening meal until as late as 10pm, many of the city's bars don't liven up until late and, once they get going, some continue the party until dawn!

Fierce Competition

Bars in Benidorm all have one thing in common, fierce competition; not a pleasant thing for bar owners who have to come up with new entertainment and other ideas to keep up with the constant stream of competitors also trying to establish themselves. Indeed the city's bar and club scene is constantly changing with venues opening and closing practically every day, some succeeding beyond their beliefs and others not even lasting a week.

This competition is cut throat for entertainment establishments but a big bonus for residents and holidaymakers who get to enjoy ridiculously cheap drink prices, free shots, two for one cocktails and various other promotions geared towards getting people in the door. A common sight when strolling Levante Beach Promenade or the popular Av. del Mediterráneo are the pavement PR staff and touts handing out promotional flyers, some employing hilarious antics to entice you through the doors.

Party Bars & Pub Crawls

The city is home to a selection of entertainment tour operators that cater to the hoards of party hard groups of youngsters and stag & hen party's Benidorm is famous for. Some bars and clubs in Benidorm have deals with these tour operators, giving them priority service, reduced prices and in some nightclubs, free entry in exchange for the custom they bring to the bar or club. Their pub crawls are a great way for new visitors to experience some of Benidorm's liveliest venues, and with all the beer fuelled camaraderie and drinking games, meet new friends.

Party bars in Benidorm come in all forms, from small, family friendly karaoke bars to huge thumping live music venues. The city's resident performers and artists keep the crowds happy with hilarious stand up comedy, colourful and sometimes downright raucous cabaret acts, solo artists and top class local bands. There is also a talented variety of brilliant tribute acts and, during the peak summer months, International artists, bands and DJ's.

International Bars

Various nationalities are well represented in Benidorm's bar scene, especially English and Irish. These fun bars can be found throughout the city, along Levante Beach Promenade, Av. del Mediterráneo, the Rincón de Loix area, and of course in the popular English Square. All serve home favourites such as a variety of ales, cider and Guinness, as well as popular dishes such as toad in the hole and the favourite hangover cure, full English breakfast.

Most are popular with expat communities living in the city and feature regular karaoke nights, quizzes, raffles and games such as bingo and play your cards right. Some also have resident pool and darts teams, and visitors are always welcome to join in should they be short of players. One of the most popular features of party bars is live sports and many have a number of TV screens to enjoy the latest live games and matches. The city also boasts a small selection of American style bars featuring blues and country music, line dancing and jukeboxes.

Beach Bars

The majority of beach bars in Benidorm are located along the Levante Beach Promenade with a few backing Poniente Beach and some of the beachfront residential areas. These are always great fun and very handy when spending long days swimming and sunbathing. They range from small beach huts with a few chairs and tables, to spacious establishments boasting huge outdoor terraces, indoor and outdoor bars, extensive menus, and in some cases live music.

Beach bars tend to have a summer theme offering an extensive list of imaginative and sometimes mind blowing cocktails and refreshing sangria. Once again, bars in Benidorm don't tend to use alcohol measures and a regular measure in most city bars is equal to, or more than a treble British measure, making for a jug of sangria that is more ‘flat on your back' than refreshing! However, you are on holiday so a bit of indulgence is your just reward 🙂