One of the most unique accommodation options available in Benidorm is Couchsurfing. Since the project began in 2004 couchsurfing has rapidly expanded into a global network of like minded travellers and friends with over 12 million members in 200,000 towns and cities around the world. The concept enables travellers to stay for free in practically every country in the world, make new friends and learn first hand from locals about the country you are staying in and their culture and traditions.

The Concept of Couchsurfing

To join this worldwide community you first need to register and create a profile. Add as much detail as possible to your profile such as your hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes as well as some photos and you are nearly ready to get started. Next up browse the website and see what events or meetings are being held in your town or city. Throughout the couchsurfing community there are regular fun events such as parties, dances, picnics, walks and a whole load of other great activities.

Once you have familiarised yourself with the way it works you can consider offering a spare room, bed, mattress or couch to fellow couchsurfers. If you don't have any available space where you live it is not a problem, you can meet up with travellers passing through your hometown or even just offer advice on the best activities, places to eat, beaches etc. You will find a section in your profile page where you list your ‘couch status'.

Surfing The World

When wishing to travel yourself you can search the website for cities you may wish to visit, check out fellow surfers profiles who are living there, and send a few couch requests for the dates you plan on being there. Although couchsurfing is free, it is always a nice gesture to help with tidying up, meals or even get your host a gift before you leave. Remember to always respect your host's culture and any house rules they may have. You are not always going to get along with your host or like the environment you are staying in, so it's a good idea to have a back up plan and enough money to stay somewhere else, if only for a night.

Most couchsurfing members have found their experiences have enriched their lives and have met many new friends in some fascinating countries, and even if you are not surfing, the regular events held are a great way to socialise and connect with other members. So, happy travels the world awaits 🙂