Being a cosmopolitan city popular with visitors from all over Europe and the United Kingdom, the superb choice of restaurants in Benidorm represent many different nationalities. Holidays are all about indulgence and treating yourself to things you would only have on occasion in your normal day to day life, and one such indulgence enjoyed by most holidaymakers is fine cuisine. Being a coastal city with wonderful fish and produce markets, restaurants in Benidorm are privileged to be able to choose from the freshest fruit and vegetables, breads, meats, and of course delightful fish and seafood.

Explore The City

As is the case with popular holiday resorts the world over, restaurant prices will always be more costly in the tourist areas and especially along the beachfront promenades, but with immense competition within the city's bar and restaurant trade, there are still excellent value eateries waiting to be discovered. One of the joys of being in a new town or city is exploring, and if you venture a few blocks up from the beach or behind the Old Town, there are some real gems to be found, including traditional tapas bars which provide a great way to try several delicious Spanish dishes in different bars, sometimes free with your drink order.

Seafood Restaurants

The healthy Mediterranean diet enjoyed by most Spaniards include many dishes featuring all sorts of wonderful fish and shellfish, and seafood loving visitors to Benidorm are in for a real treat. From tiny tapas bars to large international restaurants, the assortment of dishes available include delights such as simply grilled fresh sardines just sprinkled with sea salt and a squirt of lemon juice, sea bass, red snapper, calamari, octopus, delicious deep fried whole baby squid, mussels in a variety of sauces, fresh oysters, a variety of prawns, crayfish, lobster and the ultimate indulgence, a huge seafood platter with a bit of everything.

Spanish Restaurants

Sadly, the closest some visitors to Benidorm get to sampling Spanish cuisine is paella and the odd tapas which, although delicious in their own right, don't even scratch the surface of the amazing selection of Spanish dishes to be found in the city. There is no such thing as a Spanish woman who can't cook, and men come to think of it who even have exclusive cuisine clubs where men from all walks of life come together to share camaraderie, chug back excellent wines and share their secret recipes, often passed down through generations.

Spanish restaurants in Benidorm can be found throughout the city, old town and residential areas, and a popular evening out for holidaymakers are the ones that feature flamenco shows. Depending on the size of the establishment, these can be just a single dancer accompanied by a guitarist, or grand affairs with a troupe of flamboyant dancers and a full band. Wherever you decide to enjoy Spanish cuisine it pays to be adventurous, so go ahead and try the grilled pigs ears, snails, tripe & beans, rabbit casserole and delicious variety of venison dishes.

International Restaurant

Well, where do I start; the choice of international restaurants in Benidorm is superb and visitors to the city could quite easily spend their holiday doing a world tour of culinary delights. British restaurants feature highly and are found the length and breadth of the city, offering hearty helpings of traditional fare such as the good old Sunday roast and full English or Irish breakfast. Britain's favourite cuisine is also well represented in Benidorm, the much loved Indian curry. Favourites like korma, rogan josh, madras, vindaloo, saag aloo, Bombay potatoes and tandoori can be enjoyed in a great selection of Indian restaurants.

A favourite with the young ones, due to the food's mild sweet flavours is Chinese. These restaurants, with menus that read like an old fashioned telephone directory are everywhere in Benidorm and cater for hungry holidaymakers with daily specials and all you can eat buffets. Other Asian restaurants include Japanese, Thai, Mongolian and speciality sushi shops. Visitors can tuck into burgers, hot dogs, huge steaks and racks of ribs in the city's American diners and restaurants, and there is a further choice of French, Italian, German, Greek, Portuguese, Swiss, Moroccan and many more restaurants in Benidorm to explore.