Greek Restaurants in Benidorm

Benidorm plays host to a number of excellent Mediterranean restaurants and cafe eateries but very few classic Greek restaurants and tavernas. Greek cuisine has given us many famous dishes such as Moussaka, Souvlaki, Taramasalata, Baklava and the ever popular Greek Salad. Some of the local restaurants who class themselves as Mediterranean feature one or two of the dishes above but concentrate more on Spanish and Italian cuisines.

Philippopolis Cafe & Snack Bar

This popular eatery located on Calle Tomas Ortuno is the most well known and longest established of Benidorm's few Greek restaurants. The restaurant interior is spacious and airy with a bright blue and white colour scheme giving a cool and relaxing ambience. There is also comfortable seating available outside on the wide, sunny terrace for those wishing to dine al fresco. The staff are extremely friendly and welcoming and provide a courteous and attentive service. Philippopolis is open from 10am till late at night when its Greek style kebabs are a popular takeaway choice amongst late night revellers.

The menu is extensive and very reasonably priced and offers diners a wide selection of tasty, traditional Greek favourites. Popular dishes include gyros platters with fresh Greek salad, flatbreads and tzatziki sauce, homemade moussaka, skewered souvlaki and delicious sweet baklava. All dishes are freshly prepared and attractively presented. For lovers of Greek food, Philippopolis Cafe & Snack Bar is a must visit eatery while in Benidorm.

Kebab Club Gourmet Mediterraneo

This cafe style Mediterranean restaurant is located on Via Emilio Ortuno and features some of the favourite dishes of Greece, Turkey, Spain and Italy. The restaurant interior is simply decorated and has a spacious, clean and fresh feel. Seating is plentiful both indoors and out on the sunny terrace.

As its name suggests, this eatery specialises in a wide variety of kebabs but the menu also offers a range of scrumptious desserts and fresh salads including a Greek salad with delicious feta cheese and local olives. Service is quick and friendly and all food prices are exceptionally reasonable.

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