High on most peoples holiday wish list is great entertainment, and when visiting Spain it doesn't get much better than in Benidorm. Famous for its legendary nightlife and a ‘hot bed' for stag & hen parties, Benidorm's entertainment can cover a vast amount of topics. Therefore, with so much information to be found when browsing Benidorm Insider, we have stuck mainly with eat, drink and be merry in our entertainment category and have separate categories for other fun stuff like attractions, activities and shopping.

Benidorm at Night

Benidorm's Bars

Walking through the city and old town it seems like there's a bar on every corner, and sometimes two, but this is what the majority of holidaymakers want and let's face it, in the height of summer not many of us want to have to walk far for a refreshing cold one. There is that many bars they are spilling into the sea, well not quite, Benidorm Booze Cruise is what I mean and they are available from a number of tour operators. These are superb fun, enjoyed by all with great music, food and a never ending flow of imaginative drinks and party games.

Such is the diversity of Bars in Benidorm, it has even got it's own ‘English Square' where many a British holidaymaker are quite happy to spend night after night, enjoying a taste of home or visiting in the morning for a full English breakfast and maybe a sneaky pint to wash it down. There is also a sizeable amount of Irish bars throughout the city where the ‘craic' can be enjoyed whilst savouring a perfect pint of the black stuff 🙂

Talk about diverse, it doesn't get more crazy than the fun Benidorm Beer Bike. These hilarious contraptions are basically a bar on wheels, where up to 12 passengers sit around a U shaped bar counter with the company rep as the ‘sober' driver, and each passenger has pedals under their stool so everyone gets to power the bike as it cruises the beach promenades, clever 🙂

Poniente beach front promenade is lined with a fabulous choice of bars, many of them featuring live music and most offering drink specials and ridiculously cheap pints of beer. There are also chilled out beach bars, karaoke bars and family friendly bars with play areas, entertainment and bouncy castles.

Although the holiday choice for many northern Europeans, British and Irish, Benidorm is still a Spanish city and tapas bars rule the roost. Found throughout the city, tapas bars provide the best way to taste all Spain has to offer in the form of hundreds of tasty little treats. Many bars tame down their tapas to appeal more to an international palate, but if you are adventurous there are some amazing traditional dishes including snails, offal and grilled pigs ears.

Benidorm's Restaurants

With the strict drinking laws in Britain and northern Europe you never get to see hole in the wall bars and eateries, but visitors to Benidorm should really try one of these traditional tapas bar/restaurants. They do have a door and usually just a bar counter but due to their small size, most customers eat and drink on the pavement and order through a serving hatch, hence the name ‘hole in the wall'. Most will have a small selection of tapas, usually served free with your drink, and one or two dishes of the day which I have always found delicious.

Well, that is traditional Spain; on the other side of the coin, the thousands of British and Irish visitors to Benidorm each year can enjoy a superb choice of English and Irish bars and restaurants where they will find all the fare of back home such as toad in the hole, fish & chips with mushy peas, bangers & mash, Irish stew, steak & ale pie and of course, full English and Irish breakfast. These bars and restaurants can be found throughout the city with a large amount of them located in English Square.

A firm favourite with most holidaymakers, especially the young ones are Chinese restaurants, and these too can be found throughout Benidorm. As with many Chinese restaurants, most of their a la carte menus read like old fashioned telephone directories with an astounding choice of dishes. Chinese ‘all you can eat' restaurants are very popular too and excellent value for money if you have a large appetite. Their buffet counters stretch into the distance, laden with tempting dishes where diners are sure to leave with full tummies.

Seafood restaurants in Benidorm are fortunate to have local fish markets to source only the freshest fish and seafood caught daily and snapped up at auction. Many of these restaurants are located along Levante Beach promenade and on the popular Av. del Mediterráneo, but with these areas being tourist hot spots you can expect to pay a premium. For much better value, and quite often better quality, take a walk away from the beach up Av. Dr. Orts Llorca and the smaller streets that branch off it where there are is a good choice of more secluded restaurants.

Benidorm is truly a cosmopolitan city, especially during the peak summer months when many different nationalities come to enjoy the wonderful weather and abundance of entertainment on offer. The city does its best to keep everyone happy and you will also find American, Cuban, French, Italian, German, Scandinavian, Portuguese, Greek, Thai and Japanese restaurants just to name a few. For those on the go, there are also hundreds of cafes and take away restaurants.

Benidorm's Nightclubs

With Spain's relaxed licencing laws for entertainment venues, many of Benidorm's bars stay open until the early hours of the morning, and with the large amount of music bars in the city it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between a late night music venue and an actual nightclub. In some cases such as the famous Discoteca Penelope, there's no mistaking this is a nightclub. As entertainment venues go, this place is huge with no less than 17 bars, a 500 cover a la carte restaurant, VIP areas, boutique shops, various dance halls and DJ's and a huge outdoor chill out terrace complete with swimming pool.

Resembling a flying saucer from the outside, KU Discoteca is another massive entertainment venue that can accommodate up to 5,000 revellers over its three floors. Club Manssion draws in the younger crowds with pumping music and some top DJ's but if you want to visit, it's only open on a Saturday night. Most of Benidorm's nightclubs have a cover charge and don't open until 10pm, usually closing around 6am – 7am. You may see clubs such as Fun Factory that are the total opposite, opening in the early morning but they usually have an ‘adult' theme 🙂