Club Manssion

With the youth of today enjoying such a wide variety of music, Benidorm's nightclubs come in all shapes and sizes and feature an eclectic range of music genre from small single room jazz clubs to huge super clubs such as the ever popular Club Manssion. Situated on Avenida Comunidad Valenciana, the club is a temple for fans of hardcore music and although it's only open on Saturday nights, every Saturday during the peak summer months is a full house and one of the most pumping nightclubs to be found in Benidorm.

Standing Room Only

Club Manssion has a capacity for a staggering 5000 clubbers and during busy periods it's not uncommon for latecomers to get turned away as it's already full to the rafters. During off season the club's clientele is usually Spanish locals in the 18-20 year old age group who are full of energy and looking to party hard. Well, they certainly don't go home disappointed as the club's awesome audio system combined with thrilling lighting effects and massive LED projection screens turns the dance floor into a wonderful spectacle of sound and light.

The action all takes place in one giant dance hall and during the summer months features some of Europe's top DJ's who play less of the Electro-Latino music that features highly during winter when the crowd is mainly Spanish. This pulls in the big spending tourists and with several bar outlets the drinks flow and the dance floor resembles a giant mosh pit!

The atmosphere at Club Manssion is electric with loud, raw, hardcore music and youthful adrenaline combining to create an intense clubbing experience. Entrance is around €20 per person including three free drinks, although with so many stag & hen parties visiting Benidorm each year, the entry fee is often included as part of a stag or hen party package deal.

Other Venues

If you are one of the unfortunate few that arrive when Club Manssion is already full, don't despair as, due to noise pollution this area of Benidorm is where the majority of the super clubs are located. Avenida Comunidad Valenciana is away from the built up residential areas and hotels where, should you choose to open a club you would have to pay a fortune for soundproofing, so it makes an ideal location for big clubs pumping out loud tunes until the early hours. Here you will find the very popular and just as huge Discoteca Penelope, Discoteca Privilege, KU Discoteca, Club Space and KM Discoteca.

Penelope Beach Club

For those who can party hard, and Benidorm certainly has them, a popular expression is ‘let's have a Penelope day' or ‘let's do Penelope' which basically means spending all day at Penelope Beach Club...