The seaside city of Benidorm offers all sorts of sporting facilities available to both residents and holidaymakers, and one sport that is growing in popularity with the city's expat residents is Padel. Benidorm is more well known to visitors for its theme parks and fantastic water sports, which are great fun when on holiday but can be very costly, and unless you're well off, are more of a treat than something you can enjoy on a regular basis. The Spanish like to keep fit, and most enjoy a healthy lifestyle that includes participating in a number of sports such as padel and tennis.

Rules Of Padel

In the world of sport padel is a relative newcomer, first played in Mexico in the late 1960's its popularity has increased throughout Latin America and Spain. Ideal for players of all ages, the sport is not too hard to learn, especially if you have some experience in other racket sports such as squash or tennis. With no strings, the padels are more similar to the bats used by beach goers to knock balls about, than a tennis or squash racket. The sport is only played as doubles and the courts use a dividing net as in tennis, as well as walls that are also utilised, similar to those in squash. Scoring in padel is similar to tennis, as are the balls, and serving is done underhand as opposed to overhand.

Courts and clubs can be found throughout Benidorm, and in certain residential areas the courts are free to use for residents and holidaymakers staying there. The city's two large sports centres, Palacio de Deportes L'Illa de Benidorm and Polideportivo Municipal de Foietes have a number of padel courts as well as a superb choice of other sporting activities. For those without their own equipment, padels and balls can be hired.


With fantastic weather and a healthy Mediterranean diet, Spain is a keen sporting nation and boasts a number of world class sports men and women in a number of sporting disciplines, including tennis.