Costa Blanca Rock Climbing

Keen hikers and climbers visiting Benidorm don't need to go far to enjoy these activities as the entire coastline and mountainous inland areas offer numerous possibilities, and there are some fantastic Costa Blanca rock climbing routes of varying grades of difficulty to enjoy. With excellent year round weather conditions adventurous holidaymakers can pursue a variety of gentle and challenging hiking and climbing disciplines such as mountain walking, rock scrambling, via ferrata, coasteering, canyoning, rock climbing, and certainly not for the inexperienced or feint of heart, free climbing. Below is a choice of some of the most popular Costa Blanca rock climbing routes within an hour's drive from Benidorm.

Rock Climbing Routes

Serra de Bérnia – Slightly inland from Calpe and less than an hour's drive from Benidorm is the popular hiking and climbing mountainous area of the Serra de Bérnia. This route traverses the east ridge of Serra de Bérnia and combines a series of abseils, climbs and scrambles from the ridge's main saddle, covering a distance of about 6 kilometres, and depending on the pace you set yourself, takes roughly 7 hours.

Serra els Castellets – Located between the towns of Sella and Finestrat, about a 40 minute drive from Benidorm, this challenging collection of ridges can be climbed from either the northeast ridge, east ridge or the centre of the castellets. Climbing the entire set of ridges requires a mix of scrambles, climbs, traverses and abseils, and unless you are really adventurous and prepared to carry camping equipment and provisions, the ridges are best tackled individually over the space of a few days.

Puig Campana – Of all the Costa Blanca rock climbing routes, this one has a story to tell. Visible for miles around as you enter the outskirts of Benidorm, this famous mountain offers various grades of climbing routes involving a number of pitches, but it's not climbing that gives this mountain its claim to fame, but rather the uniform gap where a huge chunk of rock seems to be missing and the rather sweet fairy tale surrounding it.

Well, the story goes that the giant Roldán, nephew of Charlemagne, upon being told that his wife would die once the sun set behind the mountain, drew his mighty sword and struck the mountain summit such a blow that a chunk flew out and landed in the sea, thus allowing his wife to live that little bit longer; that chunk of rock is Benidorm Island 🙂


If you fancy some gentle exercise, and great camaraderie in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere when you visit Benidorm, why not try your hand at Petanca.