Volunteer Work In Spain

If you love to travel but have a limited budget, there is the possibility to visit some of the most beautiful parts of Spain, and indeed the world on a shoestring budget when you sign up for volunteer work in Spain. The excitement of travelling to new destinations can get quite addictive; meeting new people, discovering cultures vastly different from your own, learning the history of other countries and delighting the palate with never tried before cuisine all adds to the lure of travel and enriches our lives. Some of the most knowledgeable people on the planet are seasoned travellers, who have learned to grow from their experiences and have quite often found an inner peace most of us only dream about.

Travelling On A Shoestring

For those willing to do a few hours work a day, travelling on a shoestring is possible by doing volunteer work in Spain and many other countries around the world. Workaway are a reputable organisation that help people find live in job placements worldwide. Finding placements through Workaway not only allows you to travel extensively on very little money, it also enables you to learn new skills or practice a certain language with native speakers.

How It Works

Firstly, Workaway are not an employment agency. Contacting work hosts, securing the position, obtaining visas and travel arrangements are all down to you, although once you arrive in a city, town or village your host will often arrange to pick you up. After registering with Workaway you are able to browse and contact thousands of hosts in over 135 countries. Once you have created a profile/resume you will also be contactable by hosts who believe your skills are what they need so be thorough when compiling your profile, try to make it unique, add any languages you may speak and mention all your skills, qualifications etc. Adding photos and even an introductory video helps hosts get a feel for who they are employing.

What To Expect

Anybody can find placements through Workaway, even if you have no skills or qualifications, as many hosts are just looking for someone to help with a bit of labouring, gardening, general farm work, fruit picking, looking after children or pets, and the list goes on. What country or lifestyle you choose is up to you, as there are placements all over the world in large cities, grand country mansions, farms, wineries or even in the middle of a desert or jungle!

Living & Working Conditions

Basically you are exchanging a few hours volunteering a day (usually about 20 hrs per week) for food and board. You will usually have a day or two off per week allowing you to explore your new environment. Living conditions vary as you could be looking after children in a beautiful home with a nice comfortable room, en-suite bathroom and 3 substantial meals a day. On the other side of the coin, you could be roughing it in a grass hut in the middle of a jungle with basic meals and a river for a bathroom.

This is the beauty of finding placements through Workaway where there are countries, jobs and living conditions to suit all tastes. You can also choose, within reason how long you wish your  placement to be, enabling you to apply for a variety of offers in several countries, moving from one to the other and gaining new skills and life experiences along the way. Volunteer work in Spain is popular and there are currently over 2600 hosts in Spain alone!