Carmen Del Campillo Tea House

A truly magical experience awaits when you discover the hidden gem that is Carmen Del Campillo Tea House. Less than an hour's drive from Benidorm, the tea house is situated between the small towns of Crevillent and Albatera just off the N-340 and is also reachable via the AP-7 motorway. The owners of the beautiful Moorish style building consider it, not just a tea house, but a place of spirituality and meditation. Indeed, upon entering the impressive wrought iron gates, you find yourself in a secret garden of lush green plants and trees with colourful bougainvillea vines dripping from the numerous upper terraces.

Tea House Gardens

Throughout the gardens there are windy walkways, fountains, rockeries, huge clay pots brimming with flowers and intricate candles and lanterns. At every twist and turn as you wonder through the gardens there are terraces and hidden nooks and crannies all laid out with Persian rugs and cushions. Such is the layout of Carmen Del Campillo Tea House, it is difficult to determine where the gardens end, as they seem to blend into the building itself, with outdoor terraces becoming indoor terraces that is an absolute joy to the eye.

Carmen Del Campillo Tea House

The interior of the building is just as stunning, with beautifully carved arches, domed ceilings and mosaic tiles. The main lounge area offers comfortable seating, and throughout the building there are narrow staircases leading to a choice pretty balconies and terraces, all with rugs and cushions to relax on. Unlike most tea houses and cafés that have serving counters and menu boards, here you just choose where you would like to sit and a member of staff will come along and let you know what's on offer. You will usually find an assortment of teas and coffees, cold drinks, milkshakes, pastries and cakes.

Carmen Del Campillo Tea House stays open until the early hours of the morning, and a visit at night is just as magical, offering the perfect setting for a romantic evening. All the candles and lanterns are lit and the crickets provide a background symphony while you lay back and enjoy the cool evening breeze. If you are visiting at night time during the cooler months, the tea house provide blankets, allowing you to still enjoy the peaceful gardens, all snuggled up and cosy.

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