Valencia Coach Tours

It is always nice when on holiday in Benidorm to enjoy one or two days out visiting other attractions and cities, and for those that don't have a hire car there are a selection of Valencia Coach tours. Personally, even if I do have a car I still find taking a coach tour far more relaxing when I want to visit somewhere new. All the worry and hassle of driving in a foreign country, making your way around a large city and trying to find parking can spoil your day before it has even begun.

After a few hours sightseeing and working up a thirst, an ice cold beer or two is out of the question, unless you want to risk getting stopped by the police and possibly losing your licence or incurring a hefty fine. I also find that after a day of sightseeing the last thing I want to do is have to drive many miles back to my accommodation. Some people are put off coach tours because they don't want to spend their day following a set itinerary, but with many coach tours there is the option of spending all or part of your day to yourself, doing what you like as long as you are at a certain pick up point at a given time. So, if you fancy a fun and relaxing day out from Benidorm, try one of the Valencia coach tours.

Valencia Coach Tours

Located in the heart of Benidorm City on Calle Gerona 48 is the well established adventure tour and activities company, Excursiones Benidorm. Over the years the company have built a firm working relationship with a number of businesses and establishments offering attractions and activities. This has enabled them to secure excellent discounts which are reflected in their very reasonable prices. They offer 5 different Valencia coach tours, something for everyone.

Valencia At Your Leisure – The perfect day out to Valencia for those that just want to do their own thing. There are various pick up points in Benidorm and neighbouring Albir, after which the coach heads for Valencia, the third largest city in Spain and home to the spectacular City of Arts and Sciences. Passengers are accompanied by a guide during the journey and upon arrival you will receive a street map and be told a pick up time. The rest of the day is yours to enjoy at your leisure.

Valencia Full Day Excursion – There are various pick up points in Benidorm and neighbouring Albir, after which the coach heads for Valencia. Upon arrival the coach will take you on a panoramic tour of the city, your guide pointing out places of interest and answering any questions. You then have some free time to explore the city centre and it's lovely buildings, Cathedral and monuments. Then it's time to visit the Falles Museum dedicated to the popular Falles de Valencia festival of fire. Following this is a visit to the world famous González Marti National Museum of Ceramics, housed in the stunning 15th century Palace of the Marques de Dos Aguas where you can see some exquisite examples of fine porcelain. You are then free to enjoy some lunch and refreshments, do a bit of shopping or visit the City of Arts and Sciences.

Valencia & Oceanografic – This tour is very popular with the young ones as you get the chance to explore Europe's largest marine park and aquarium. There are various pick up points in Benidorm and neighbouring Albir, after which the coach heads for Valencia. The tour starts with a visit to the Falles Museum and Ceramic Museum followed by some free time to enjoy the city, maybe visit the famous Silk Exchange and try some mouthwatering traditional cuisine at the Central Food Market. The rest of the afternoon is spent at the huge Oceanografic that is home to a staggering 45,000 fish, mammals, reptiles and invertebrates from 500 different species. The most difficult part of your day will be trying to drag the kids away for the return journey after wondering around lagoons, lakes and mesmerising glass aquarium tunnels.

Oceanografic – There are various pick up points in Benidorm and neighbouring Albir, after which the coach heads for Valencia and the spectacular Oceanografic, part of Valencia's City of Arts and Sciences. The construction of the Oceanografic is a marvellous feat of engineering and encompasses a huge area representing different marine eco-systems from around the world. You will get to see Beluga Whales, Sharks, Swordfish, Stingrays, Sea Lions, Walrus, Seals, penguins and much more. There is a fully enclosed glass tunnel through the shark aquarium and a large, 10 metre deep Dolphinarium.

Las Falles de Valencia – If you are lucky enough to be visiting Benidorm in mid march, then make sure not to miss the most thrilling of all the Valencia coach tours available, Las Falles de Valencia. This is a special one day a year afternoon and night time excursion, departing from Benidorm on the 19th march at 13:30 and arriving back around 03:00 so early bookings are highly advisable. Considered to be one of the largest festivals of fire and fireworks in the world, the week long Las Falles is certainly Valencia's biggest and grandest festival.

The 19th of March is the final day of Las Falles de Valencia and the whole city becomes a giant street party with everyone waiting in anticipation for the main event, La Crema (The Burning). At midnight, after an evening of parades, dancing and street parties, huge beautifully made and painted puppets and caricatures called ‘Ninots' are set ablaze, igniting thousands of fireworks that have been hidden inside the puppets turning the city into an inferno of fire.

Valencia Coach Tours Itinerary

  • Entrance to the attractions on most of the tours are included in the price
  • Lunch and drinks are not included in the price
  • Tickets must be purchased 2 days in advance
  • Once received tickets must be printed and presented to your guide on day of travel