Rio Safari Elche

For a fantastic day of fun and adventure, a visit to Rio Safari Elche is a must. Located about a 50 minute drive from Benidorm, between the towns of Elche and Santa Pola, the park offers great facilities and services. Set in a large area of parkland and forest, the park has shady seating and picnic areas for those that choose to bring a packed lunch.

Rio Safari Elche
Source: Flickr / Antonio Martinez Sanchez

There is a café serving all sorts of sandwiches, fast food and combo plates. For a more substantial meal visitors can opt for a self service restaurant serving a selection of local and international cuisine. If you are visiting the park on a day trip from Benidorm, you can twin your trip with a visit to the palm groves of Elche, the largest palm grove in Europe.

Rio Safari Elche Facilities

Go-Karts – The park has a go-kart track with a choice of child karts, cadet karts and adult karts. There is also mini cars and motorbikes for the smaller children and a trampoline area.

Swimming Pool – A very clever idea considering how hot it gets during the peak summer months. This area has a kids pool as well as a larger pool with a fun twisty slide. There are sun loungers and a solarium.

Train Ride – Although all areas of the park can be toured on foot, there is a guided tour by train that makes its way through some of the animal enclosures, giving visitors close up views of the animals.

Rio Safari Elche Shows

Sea Lions – The park's most popular show where you will learn all about these endearing creatures and their cousins, the seals. Watch their antics as they perform jumps and acrobatics.

Swim With Sea Lions – A truly unforgettable experience that will have your friends green with envy. Swim and cavort with these loving mammals and maybe even get a fishy kiss.

Parrots – Admire the beautiful colours of the true clown of the bird species. Interact with the parrots while you learn more about these very intelligent birds.

Zoom-In – This is a multi-species exhibition where you not only get to know more about the parks animals and environments, but also learn about the day to day responsibility of the keepers and handlers.

Rio Safari Elche Animal Zones

African Savannah – Not many people are aware that Africa has 9 giraffe sub-species and in this zone of the park you can view 2 of them, the Angolan giraffe and the reticulate giraffe.

CrocoLand – Well, not exactly crocodiles but just as formidable, the American alligator. See these ancient creatures up close, and if possible arrive during feeding time.

Reptile Cave – Enter if you dare where you will get to wonder around the cave and view a large variety of reptiles such as chameleons, lizards, snakes and caimans.

Tigers Temple – The only feline species that loves water. Witness these majestic Bengal tigers as they roam around the temple and swim in the moat that surrounds it.

Chimpanzee Island – The kids favourite zone that has an indoor area connected to the island by a bridge, giving these cheeky characters the chance to play and cavort where they choose.

Educative Farm – Learn about the environment and care of a variety of farm animals. This zone is particularly popular with groups of children on school trips.

Rio Safari Elche Opening Times & Prices

The park is open daily and times vary. October – May 10:00 – 18:00, June and September 10:30 – 19:00, July and August 10:00 – 20:00. Adult price (12 – 65 years) 22.50€, children (3 – 12) 17.00€, seniors (0ver 65) 17.00€, children under 3 free. There are also a variety of promotional prices.

Please note: All prices may be subject to change.

Palm Groves Of Elche

Less than a 50 minute drive from Benidorm lie the impressive Palm Groves Of Elche, a vast green sea of vegetation visible from miles away.