Horse Riding Adventures

Horse Riding Adventures are the perfect way to explore the fantastic countryside around Benidorm while enjoying the fresh air and a bit of exercise. Situated in the small village of Orcheta, which is located about 30 minutes drive inland from Benidorm is Hoof And Mountain Horse Riding Adventures.

Horse Riding Adventures

The company is run by Rich who is an ex soldier and his partner Sam who gave up the city life as a company director. Rich is a keen rock climber and in 2003 the couple opened a rock climbing activity centre called The Orange House. After rescuing numerous animals they were offered a horse that needed a home, and this was the beginning of Hoof And Mountain. The stables now have 6 horses including the slightly crazy Shetland pony Lottie who thinks she's a dog 🙂

Hoof And Mountain Treks

2 Hour Trek – This is the perfect trek for novices and those who haven't ridden in a while. After deciding which horse suits you best and getting kitted up, you will have a ride around the paddock to make sure you are comfortable and then head off on your chosen adventure, as there are various routes you can take. Depending on your chosen route, there is a 10:00 morning trek or a 14:00 afternoon trek. Due to insurance purposes, riders must be 13 years and over.

Half Day Trek – After getting kitted out and a ride around the paddock, you set of on your trek. This trek includes a refreshment stop in a local village and if you wish you can take along a snack to enjoy in a shady spot along your journey. There is also the option of a morning or afternoon trek and the same age restriction as above applies.

Full Day Trek – Here you have the option of combining your ride with a walking or climbing activity. If you choose to ride only the trek lasts about 7 hours with some trotting and cantering included. During your trek you will stop for a scenic picnic under the ruins of a castle. All of the treks are pretty flexible and if you wish to explore a new route, your guide will do their best to accommodate your request. This trek is only for experienced riders and the above age restriction applies.

Week Long Trek – This is a true horse riding adventure where you will feel like a wild west pioneer riding the famous Camino de Santiago Way, although you won't have to sleep in a wagon!! 5 days of riding various fantastic trails, averaging about 25km per day with trotting and cantering included, as well as one full rest day. The evenings will be spent in B&B's or small hotels and your luggage will be transported in a support vehicle. This trek is only for experienced riders and the above age restriction applies.

Hoof And Mountain Trek Prices

  • 2 hour trek – 35€
  • Half day trek – 50€
  • Full day trek – 85€
  • Week long trek – Price on application.

Please note: Prices may be subject to change.

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