Snorkelling Tours

Snorkelling is one of the most popular seaside holiday activities, and when visiting Benidorm there are a variety of exciting snorkelling tours available. With year round sunshine and average summer temperatures in the high 20's Celsius, Benidorm is the perfect place to visit for a wide variety of water sports and adventures. Some holidaymakers are happy buying a cheap ”vacation” snorkelling set and paddling around the beach and rocky coves, but most of the time will not see much in the way of aquatic flora & fauna. With organised snorkelling tours you have a much better chance of seeing the real beauty of the underwater world, as your tour guides have carefully chosen routes that are rich in sea life.

The nearby town of Altea is easily reached by car or bicycle, and is home to the excellent Greenwich Diving Centre. The centre's team of expert divers and instructors have a wealth of experience diving on the Costa Blanca, and aside from their scuba diving courses offer a variety of snorkelling tours, both off the beach and by boat. Their snorkelling tours are held daily during the summer months in the coves close to the dive centre and are suitable for swimmers of all ages.

Snorkelling Routes

Route Isleta de l'Olla – This lovely snorkelling route forms part of the Sierra Gelada Natural Park and offers an abundance of marine flora & fauna. After donning your snorkel gear, your guide will take you out to around 40 metres from the beach where the waters are between 3 metres – 6 metres deep. During the tour you will pass a variety of sea bed, rich in sea grass and algae. There are shoals of fish grazing on the sea grass, such as sea bream and goldin, and you may even be lucky enough to see a predator or two.

Route Mascarat – This route is from a pebble beach sheltered by a mountain and breakwater, usually making for calm waters during your tour. Here you will get to see the stars of the ocean and shoals of goldin among the sea grass. You will pass a rocky outcrop with nooks and crannies where the small cuttlefish and octopus like to hide. The highlight of this tour are the pretty starfish and you will hopefully get to see a variety of types.

Boat Tours – Greenwich Diving offer a variety of snorkelling tours by boat to various parts of the Bay of Altea. The tours are dependant on weather conditions and the duration is approx 2 hours. Included in your tour you will get fruit and refreshments, a photo report, insurance and equipment. 3 daily tours are offered during the summer months.

Tour Prices

  • Route Isleta de l'Olla – 10€ per person (rental equipment 5€)
  • Route Mascarat – 10€ per person (rental equipment 5€)
  • Boat Tours – 29€ per person (groups of 4 or more 25€ per person)

Please note: All prices may be subject to change.