Benidorm Bar Crawl

One of the best ways of sampling a selection of Benidorm's many bars and clubs is to participate in an organised and guided bar crawl. Several local companies specialise in providing these outings in Benidorm as well as stag do's and hen parties.

A typical bar crawl would cost in the region of €15 per person and would begin at 9pm and last around five hours. The agenda for a typical organised bar crawl is fairly standard with some variation depending on the organising company chosen. The participating group meet up with one or more of the company's reps or guides at an appointed starting bar at a chosen time. This is when the fun begins!

Bar Crawl Perks

Participants are usually given a free T-shirt or hat to wear with the company's logo, slogan or advertising message. This way everyone can easily identify who's in their bar crawl group and interaction is encouraged. At each of the designated bars or clubs on route (usually around five or more) the guides organise one free shot for everyone in the group. Individuals are responsible for paying for their own drinks ordered across the bar – hey, it's not going to be free drinks all the way for €15, is it?!!  Some organisers do, however, throw in a one hour free bar session in one of stops on route where drink choices are usually limited to certain bottled beers and local spirits.

The company reps or guides are chosen for their friendliness, exuberance and ability to party hard! Along the way the reps organise fun games (usually involving drinking) with prizes (usually alcoholic in nature) and actively encourage everyone to get involved. The bar crawl typically involves around an hour in each bar ending with a nightclub around 2am where revellers can choose to stagger ‘home' or dance the night away till sunrise.

There are definite advantages to joining an organised bar crawl in Benidorm as opposed to going it alone or in your own groups. You get to sample a variety of lively bars, some of which you may favour and choose to come back to later during your holiday. Evenings out tend to be more fun in large groups and some of the bar crawl groups out and about in Benidorm can number a hundred or more revellers per group! The reps organise and orchestrate the whole outing so there's no chance of getting lost or ending up at a ‘dead beat' bar. It's a great opportunity to meet new friends from different countries and all walks of life.

Prompt Service

Participating bars and clubs are carefully selected by the organising company for specific reasons. Each establishment along the bar crawl knows in advance when to expect groups and can organise staffing, layout and free shots accordingly. By so doing, long queues and waiting times for bar service can be avoided. The cost of the free shots and booze prize giveaways is usually absorbed by the participating venue in exchange for guaranteed custom, thus enabling the bar crawl organising companies to competitively price their service.

When choosing a company for an organised bar crawl there are a few things to consider. The bar and club scene in Benidorm is extremely competitive and as such, there are several companies offering bar crawl packages. Do an online search to establish exactly what each of them include in their price before choosing. It's also worth noting that some companies also employ touts who patrol the beaches and busy streets of Benidorm to win over your custom. Some of these may offer discounts or freebies for larger groups, so try haggling before you part with your cash.

Tapas Bars

Tourists and visitors to the popular resort town of Benidorm are spoilt with a choice of over 2000 bars to visit including hundreds of Spanish tapas bars.