Child Care Centres in Benidorm

There are all sorts of activities for children to enjoy in Benidorm, whether you live here permanently or are just on holiday, and there is also a variety of child care centres in Benidorm that offer child learning as well as activities. Many people who visit the city have friends or relatives that live here who are only too happy to look after the kids from time to time, allowing the parents to let their hair down and enjoy the odd day or night to themselves. Those that don't can choose the option of using a local babysitting service or leave their kids at a day care facility or ”kids club” for a few hours.

Child Care Centres In Benidorm

Little People are an international nursery based in neighbouring Albir that offer various child care services including full and part time nursery as well as holiday packages. The well established centre has been evaluated by expert research groups such as Emad Al Rozzi from the University College in Oslo, Norway and the Early Childhood Research Team at Angila Ruskin University in Chelmsford, England. Their professional team of teachers also receive ongoing training from the Pedagogical Department of Angila Ruskin University, and have partnered with various local universities for research, learning and workshops.

Little People Learning & Activities

To achieve the best learning results, during all the centre's activities and classes there are a maximum of 8 children to each adult supervisor, thus allowing personal time to be spent with each child to evaluate their individual learning abilities, likes and dislikes. The centre's learning and activity programs include a great selection of games, books, toys, stories and riddles that when combined provide for a fun way for children to learn and interact with each other. There is over 600 square metres of artificial grass and sand outdoor play areas with Wendy houses, soft ball pits, slides and a sweet little cycle track.

The interior of the centre is separated into areas for learning, play and rest and the various programs include Circle Time where kids are encouraged to interact with each other and contribute to the group sessions which boosts their confidence and helps them relax in each others company, whilst being supported at all times by the adult team leader. Story telling is a favourite activity and the books chosen encourage kids to express themselves while learning all about using their various senses during the activities.

With games and puzzles children quickly learn to be creative, solve problems, find solutions and be able to demonstrate and explain their way of thinking. Music time is another popular activity that promotes concentration and listening skills. Kids will get to sing, dance and use musical instruments, boosting their natural team work instincts, and nursery rhyme telling improves their concentration and listening skills. 50% of the activities at Little People take place outdoors, encouraging children to play together, look out for and help one another, and above all get plenty of fresh air and exercise.

When it comes to child care centres in Benidorm, Little People have gone the extra mile in providing their little ones with tasty, yet healthy and nutritious meals in order to boost their physical and mental development. Meals are optional and the nutritional needs of each child is taken into consideration, be it free from foods, allergies or cultural and religious requirements.

Nursery Opening Times & Packages

  • Little People is open all year round from Monday to Friday 08:30 – 17:30
  • Full time nursery is from Monday to Friday 08:30 – 17:30
  • Part time nursery is from Monday to Friday 08:30 – 14:00
  • Daily and weekly holiday packages are available from Monday to Friday 08:30 – 17:30