ALDI Supermarket, Benidorm

The coastal city of Benidorm has a choice of well stocked supermarkets and a favourite with holidaymakers and the city's expat communities is ALDI Supermarket. Benidorm also has a number of mini marts, most with signs saying 24 hour although this is often untrue and when visiting the city it is always a good idea to ask the opening times at the closest one to your accommodation, thus avoiding disappointment when hoping to get some essential item after midnight.

ALDI Supermarket

ALDI is a German run global supermarket chain with around 10,000 outlets located throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia and America. Unfortunately the main ALDI in Benidorm city centre has closed down but there is one in nearby L'Alfás del Pi located on Carrer Rambla de l'Albir 12, which is about a 15 minute drive from Benidorm. As you would expect from German efficiency, the stores are modern and bright with ample shopping trolleys and baskets, wheelchair access throughout and appealing, well stocked shelves.

The stores fresh produce departments include freshly baked bread, baguettes, rolls, cakes and pastries, and their fruit & vegetable departments have an excellent selection of local produce as well as a choice of popular imported produce. There is no dedicated meat or fish departments although both fresh and frozen prepacked meats, fish and seafood are on offer. There is also a selection of prepacked cooked meat, hams and cured sausages such as the ever popular chorizo and salchichón. The usual dairy products are available and include lactose free options, and shoppers can choose from a selection of fresh fruit juice, soft and alcoholic drinks.

ALDI offer a full range of dry, tinned and bottled products, pet food, household goods, kitchen utensils, cleaning products and hair & beauty products. They have an ever changing choice of gardening and DIY items, as well as various items of clothing. Throughout the ALDI supermarket range you can find popular German and Scandinavian products.

ALDI Supermarket Opening Times

Opening times are Monday to Saturday 09:00 am – 9:30 pm and Sunday 10:00 am – 1:00 pm.

Supercor Express

When on holiday in Benidorm and spending time on the fantastic Levante Beach, you could not ask for a more convenient grocery retailer than Supercor Express.