Iceland Benidorm

British holidaymakers to Benidorm needn't take up valuable space in their luggage bringing their favourite food and snacks with them, when they can just go to Iceland. This favourite British supermarket has outlets throughout Spain and with an average 1.5 million British tourists visiting Benidorm each year, Iceland have very wisely opened shop here. For holidaymakers who haven't visited the city in a few years, don't make the mistake of going to the location of the original store as they relocated it in 2014 to Av. Dr. Severo Ochoa, just past Benidorm Palace and the Hotel Mediterráneo.

Iceland Benidorm

The bright, and well laid out store is a breath of fresh air for holidaymakers who don't speak or read Spanish, as everything is labelled in English and even the cashiers are English speakers. Another welcoming difference I have noticed from Spanish supermarkets is that Iceland reduce the price of their items when they are nearing their sell by date. With literally thousands of bars and restaurants in Benidorm, a good number of them British, Iceland has some great bulk buy items targeting the catering trade but if you have a large freezer, buying in bulk can save you a considerable amount each month.

Store Products

Iceland basically stock what you would find in their British stores, although not as wide a range and at higher prices. This is to be expected as transportation and import costs need to be taken into consideration. Their fresh food products include dairy, fruit, vegetables and pre-packed meats. Aside from stocking over 10,000 British products they also have their popular Iceland and Waitrose ranges. They have a good selection of soft and alcoholic drinks, favourite brand sweets, chocolate and crisps, and on a more healthy note, a choice of vegetarian options as well as lactose and gluten free products.

Popular Brands

  • Kelloggs
  • PG Tips
  • Tetley
  • Nescafe
  • Birds Eye
  • Walls
  • Findus
  • Burtons
  • Cadbury
  • Walkers
  • Guinness
  • And many more

Expats Cash & Carry

British holidaymakers travelling to sunny Benidorm needn't worry about wasting luggage space on their ‘must have' goodies from home when you can just pay a visit to Expats Cash & Carry in nearby Villajoyosa.