Mercadona Supermarket, Benidorm

One of the largest and most popular supermarkets in Benidorm is the Spanish retailer, Mercadona Supermarket. With 4 branches in the city, holidaymakers should not have to go far for their grocery shopping. If you don't speak the language, it's always advisable when visiting any Spanish run store to google translate some important words relating to your shopping list. Having said that, with Benidorm having such a large amount of English speaking visitors each year, quite a few of the staff in the Mercadona's I have frequented do try their best and can usually get the gist of what you're asking.

Mercadona Supermarket

All the stores are air conditioned and the larger ones usually offer free parking. They provide wheelchair access and ample shopping trolleys and smaller wheeled shopping carts. The aisles are spacious and the shelves well stocked with tinned, bottled and dry goods. Throughout the stores there are refrigeration units and freezers offering an excellent selection of prepacked food items, as well as a small selection of both soft and alcoholic cold drinks. Mercadona offer a range of vegetarian options and ready meals that includes lactose and gluten free products.

All stores have fresh fruit, vegetables, bakery, meat and fish departments, an extensive selection of fruit juice, soft drinks, beer, wine and spirits, as well as food on the go such as sandwiches, pastries and cakes. There are aisles dedicated to household goods, cleaning products, cosmetics and toiletries, baby and infant products, as well as pet food and treats. Throughout the Mercadona supermarket outlets there are a selection of imported goods, although for a far wider choice, Benidorm is home to the popular UK supermarket Iceland.

Store Locations & Opening Times

The 4 store outlets include 2 in the city centre and 2 in the outer lying residential areas, located on Calle de Mercado, 1. Calle Invierno s/n. Av. Comunidad Europea and Carrer del Secretario Juan Antonio Baldovi, 9. All have the same opening hours from 09:00 am to 9:30 pm Monday to Saturday but usually extend the opening times during the summer months.One of the largest and most popular supermarkets in Benidorm is the Spanish retailer, Mercadona Supermarket, offering an excellent range of products..

Lidl Supermarket

The great selection of supermarkets available in Benidorm gives shoppers an excellent choice of both local and international products, and for a taste of Germany you can't beat Lidl Supermarket.