Benidorm Sightseeing Bus

The majority of holidaymakers in Benidorm are regulars to the city who visit each summer for a well earned ‘knees up' and some fun in the sun, but if you're new to the city a great way to familiarise yourself is to take a Benidorm sightseeing bus.

Walking around the city is relatively straight forward and at every twist and turn there there is something new to discover such as hidden little tapas bars where you are still served a free tapa with your drinks order, unlike most of the ones in the popular tourist areas where this great tradition has been forgotten in favour of making more money. Walking in the peak summer months however can be extremely draining and after a few blocks your good intentions of exploring the city will more than likely be ditched in favour of a cold beer!

City Bus Routes

So, it's usually best to take a Benidorm sightseeing bus first and make notes of the areas of the city that most interest you then you can return on foot for a good wonder around. There are actually 4 sightseeing buses, 2 that take routes through the city and 2 that go to popular mountain attractions.

Bus Route 30 – This route starts in Rincón de L'oix and heads south along the busy Av. del Mediterráneo that runs parallel to Levante Beach. It then goes through the city centre and past the pretty Parque de Elx, also called Paloma Park as it's home to hundreds of white doves. Up next is Paseo de Poniente that runs parallel to Poniente Beach and offers great sea views. The final stop is just past the end of the beach at Cala de Finestrat where you can get off to explore or stay on for the return journey.

Bus Route 31 – Also starting in Rincón de L'oix, this route goes north along Av. Ametlla de Mar and Av. Dr. Severo Ochoa and onward to the beaches of Altea and Albir where you can enjoy a day on the beach, or if travelling on Tuesday morning visit the large and very popular Altea Tuesday Market, offering a great selection of market stalls including delicious fresh produce. As both of these routes start and end in Rincón de L'oix it is possible to jump from one to the other and do both in one go.

Countryside Bus Routes

Bus Route 16 – This is a lovely route that twists and turns through picturesque scenery to the beautiful mountaintop village of Guadalest, the most visited village in Spain. Entered through an enchanting tunnel, Guadalest is home to several interesting small museums, arts & crafts shops, roadside cafe's, tapas bars and restaurants. The views from the village tower are magnificent and reach all the way to the Bay of Altea.

Bus Route 18 – Equally as picturesque, this route takes you through the countryside to the picture perfect Algar Waterfalls. Also known as Les Fonts del Riu Algar, the falls have recently been declared one of the 10 most important natural pools in Spain and are situated in a Natural Park. Cascading through a series of gorges and rock pools, the falls are interlaced with walking trails and shady picnic spots where you can enjoy an icy dip in the crystal clear waters. You can take route 16 and 18 from various stops along both Levante and Poniente beaches.

Benidorm Sightseeing Bus Prices

  • All 4 bus routes offer information on the routes via audio broadcasting systems
  • Broadcasts are available in Spanish, English, German, Russian and French
  • Single tickets cost: 5€
  • Unlimited travel on all 4 routes is available with 24 hr, 72 hr and 7 day travel cards