One of the most popular and thrilling holiday activities worldwide is Go-Karting. Let's face it, from early childhood, we have all had a fascination with driving, and for many, speed in particular. We grow up sitting in that little strapped in back seat, watching our parents drive and just itching to get behind the wheel. Go-Karting allows you to forget traffic police, forget stop signs, traffic lights and pedestrians, and just put your foot to the floor and let your inner Lewis Hamilton roar off the start line!

Race Time

Benidorm based adventure tour operator, Marco Polo Expediciones offer a variety of exciting activities, adventure day trips and bespoke tours. Their popular go-karting activities include single driver and group competition races. Set on a challenging 422 metre track that features straights, hairpins and fast bends, drivers will be tested to their limits. The powerful karts are equipped with high end electronic systems, that relay each drivers lap time and position on the big screen, making for a genuine Grand Prix experience.

Go-Karting Options & Prices

Single Person Challenge – An 8 minute race session where your lap times will be displayed, allowing you to challenge yourself on each lap. 21€ per person.

Competition (minimum 6 drivers) – This thrilling race includes a 6 minute time trial for pole position. 10 lap fully recorded and displayed race, with podium celebration and medals for the first 3 drivers across the finish line. 35€ per person.

Pro Competition (minimum 6 drivers) – A 6 minute training session followed by a 6 minute time trial for pole position. 12 lap fully recorded and displayed race, with podium celebration and medals for the first 3 positions. The remaining weary drivers will be rewarded with a diploma; you may want to burn that, shame on you 🙂 50€ per person.

Please note: All prices may be subject to change.

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