Laser Combat World

Being a favourite destination for Stag & Hen parties, Benidorm offers an excellent choice of group activities and for an exciting combat experience without the bruises, Laser Combat World is great fun for all. With increasingly strict live fire regulations and substantial military cutbacks during the early 1980's, the United States Army developed a new combat training system using infrared laser beams in battle scenarios rather than costly and potentially dangerous live fire exercises. By chance this also opened a whole host of opportunities for civilian companies to turn a profit, and the thrilling chance to experience battle scenarios became available to the public in the form of laser combat.

Laser Combat World

Ideally located on Av. del Mediterráneo, Laser Combat World offer the ultimate battle challenges suitable for young and old in a totally safe environment. Although laser combat can be enjoyed by individuals it's loads more fun in teams and there are discount offers for groups. If you have a suitable indoor or outdoor space, Laser Combat can travel to your accommodation with all the equipment, making for a more chilled out and personal experience which is popular with Stag & Hen groups.

There are a whole labyrinth of combat scenarios available and the assault rifles are extremely real life replicas of the latest military weapons. During the scenarios players will experience complete combat simulation, taking charge of ammunition, detonators and handling field medic simulations. The function of the equipment is quite basic and involves each player wearing equipment with built in sensors that are activated when a player is shot using both sound and light effects. There are a choice of missions for both individuals and teams.

Combat Missions

Survivor – A solo mission, ideal for first time players to get a feel for laser combat where each player uses their wits to take out as many possible enemies to win the game.

Predators – Another solo mission as a mercenary soldier in a jungle scenario, pitting your odds against resilient predators with special protection you need to locate and penetrate.

Command Enemy – A war between two teams, overcoming obstacles and skillfully locating and eliminating the enemy to win the game.

The General – After each team has selected a general, their identity is given to the opposing team and it's all out war with players trying to protect their general and take out the others.

The Mole – A mole (spy) is chosen by raffle for each team without them knowing the mole's identity. It is then up to the mole to take out his own team without being discovered.

The Enemy Base – Each team must try to capture and return to base their enemies flag located at opposite ends of the arena. Once lifted the flag will light up making the carrier a target.