When on holiday many of us like to try something we wouldn't usually get to do at home, and one of the most popular and thrilling activities on offer in Benidorm is Paragliding. Unlike hang gliding, a paraglider has no rigid primary structure but rather a large fabric wing with interconnecting air pockets that catch the air flow and maintain stability during flight. Paragliding has come a long way since the late 1970's and constant improvements have enabled paragliders to stay aloft for hours and cover hundreds of kilometres.

The Costa Blanca's fantastic weather, miles of sandy beaches and mountainous inland areas offer excellent paragliding conditions, making this exciting sport available to most age groups. Marco Polo Expediciones are based in Benidorm and offer a great range of adrenaline sports, activities and adventures, including tandem paragliding. Together with your instructor you will get to ride the thermals and enjoy stunning views over the countryside and across the glistening Mediterranean ocean.

Benidorm Paragliding

Paragliding depends on the weather conditions, and to ensure maximum safety during your flight, the time and venue will not be confirmed until the instructor is completely satisfied the conditions are right. During your drive up the mountains you will be given a talk on all aspects of paragliding, the wind directions and how the thermals are used to enjoy the most out of your flight. On arrival at your take off point you will be strapped into a harness along with your instructor, and with the large 40 square metre sail, within a couple of seconds of your running take off you will be airborne and can relax and enjoy the flight.

Itinerary & Price

  • 1 tandem flight of approximately 400 metres of downhill flying or soaring.
  • Professional instructor and insurance.
  • 80€ per person.

Please note: Price may be subject to change.

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