Benidorm Island

Declared a Protected National Park, Benidorm Island lies about 3.5 kilometres off the mainland and due to its large peacock population, is often referred to as Peacock Island. Used as a refuge for raiding Barbary pirates in days of old, the island has an interesting story to tell. Visitors to Benidorm will surely have noticed the chunk of rock that seems to be missing from the summit of Puig Campana that is the mountain backdrop to the city.

Well, the story goes that the giant Roldán, nephew of Charlemagne, upon being told that his wife would die once the sun set behind the mountain, drew his mighty sword and struck the mountain summit such a blow that a chunk flew out and landed in the sea, thus allowing his wife to live that little bit longer; that chunk of rock is Benidorm Island 🙂

Benidorm Island Boat Trip

Visitors wishing to see this mythical chunk of rock can take a boat trip that departs from Benidorm harbour every hour from 10:00 and takes about 20 minutes. Included in the price of the ticket is an exciting mini submarine journey around the island called the Aquascope. It lasts about 15 minutes and there are several glass viewing portals to enjoy the island's underwater world. Benidorm Island is uninhabited except for a small bar/café offering drinks, snacks and ice creams, so you may wish to take along a picnic.

You can spend as long as you like on the island, enjoying the fantastic views as there is no set boat that you have to go back on, just make sure you don't miss the last one, or you better be a good swimmer! Aside from the resident peacocks, there is an interesting array of flora & fauna to see, and many visitors take along snorkelling gear to explore the clear waters and marine life. Prices for the boat trip are: Adult single 15€, child single 12€. Please note: All prices may be subject to change.

Benidorm Palace

A holiday in Benidorm would not be complete without a visit to the city's most famous venue, Benidorm Palace.