One of the lesser known but very exciting adventure activities available in Benidorm is Coasteering. Most holidaymakers visiting Benidorm include some sort of attraction or activity during their stay such as a day at a theme or waterpark such as Terra Mitica, or they might wish to try jet skiing or sea kayaking. It is all part of the holiday experience, doing something we wouldn't usually do in our everyday lives. Benidorm is an excellent destination for all sorts of thrilling activities and adventure day's out, and for those that wish to combine an extreme sport with some healthy exercise, coasteering should definitely be on your holiday wish list.

What Is Coasteering?

Coasteering has been practised as an extreme sport since the early 1970's and involves a combination of swimming, rock climbing and cliff jumping. The best conditions for the sport are in what's known as the ”impact zone” where the coastline is very rugged and the waves crash against rocks, caves and gullies. The aim for coasteerers is to negotiate their way along these areas without venturing inland by climbing along rocks, through gullies, short periods of swimming and either diving or jumping off cliffs. Although some coasteering is extremely difficult and physically challenging, in many areas that aren't too rugged, the sport can be enjoyed by most people of all fitness levels.

Coasteering Adventure

Visitors to Benidorm can try their hand at coasteering with the city's leading adventure company, Marco Polo Expediciones. After being picked up from your accommodation in Benidorm, your guide will take you to one of the most unspoilt parts of the coastline that has been specially chosen for it's varied route that will involve all aspects of the sport. Wearing wetsuits, life jackets and helmets, you will enjoy a bit of rock climbing and swimming with the odd jump from the cliffs, although if you are not too keen on heights, you don't need to jump.


  • Pick up from your accommodation in Benidorm.
  • 4 hours coasteering with all equipment supplied.
  • You will need swimwear, spare shoes, sun protection and water.
  • Price per person is 46€

Please note: Price may be subject to change.