Kite Surfing

A relatively new kid on the block when it comes to the world of water sports, kite surfing has dramatically increased in popularity since its infancy in the late 1990's. With technology's rapid improvement over recent years, more and more weird and wonderful products are hitting the shops practically daily. Water based products and activities are no different, and there is just so much more we can now do on a seaside holiday.

Some of the latest products on offer include, tiny hand held underwater propulsion units that are a great little boost when snorkelling. On a larger scale, there is the amazing personal water craft, shaped like a dolphin that can skim along the waves and dive in and out of the water. If you like jet skis and quad bikes, no problem, get yourself a Quad-Ski which allows you to bomb around on land just like a quad bike then when you ride into the water, press a button and hey presto, the wheels retract and the vehicle becomes a jet ski. Water activities in popular beach resorts around the world have improved greatly too, with the invention of the Flyboard and flying banana boat, more commonly referred to as the Flying Fish.

Kite Surfing

So, in those terms kite surfing is a relatively old sport, but steadily growing in popularity and available in most Spanish holiday resorts, including Benidorm and the surrounding areas. Kite Surfing can be enjoyed in Benidorm, but if you are visiting during the peak summer months the sea gets very crowded and doesn't really let you enjoy your time on the water, as you are constantly looking out for swimmers. For a truly great kite surfing adventure, it's best to head along the coast to either Santa Pola which is about a 50 minute drive, or Denia which can be reached in under 40 minutes.

Situated in Denia's El Portet Marina, Costa Blanca Kite School are a leading water sports operation that offer both kite and paddle surfing lessons and excursions. Their kite school instructors are highly qualified and fully licensed, and with the school being located right in the marina area, their students are never far from their water based lessons.

Kite Surfing Activities

Beginners Course – On this course you will learn the basics of your board, sail and rigging before a practice session on the water, hopefully achieving your first ride.

1 Day Experience – A combined day of lessons and kite surfing on the open ocean.

Advanced Course – There are rules that apply to some water sports that need to be learned in order to remain safe on the water. This course takes your skills to the next level and teaches you the rules of sailing in the open sea.

Downwind Navigation – On this course you will get to explore the beautiful coastline using downwinds to achieve great distances.

Kite Taxi – For those who already have some experience and navigation skills, you can sail whilst being supervised by an instructor, and learn where improvements can be made.

Hydrofoil – This is basically a massive kite shaped more like a paragliding wing that achieves great speeds and offers a thrilling ride.

Jet Ski Excursions

Many of us have had a go on a jet ski during our seaside holidays, and for most, the experience is over way too quick, but there is an exciting alternative with jet ski excursions. The usual jet ski activities