Sea Kayaking

All visitors to Benidorm have seen the view of this high rise city from the road, but to see it from a couple of miles out to sea is quite dramatic, and the most relaxing way to enjoy this view is on a sea kayaking tour. The benefits gained from kayaking truly give a positive boost to both body and mind, and the hobby can become quite addictive. Being out on the ocean looking in at the the beautiful coastline gives a new perspective to what we're used to, and with only oars to propel you through the water, the ocean is so peaceful and calming. The other great benefit from sea kayaking is the amazing work out you get, without even noticing you're doing it.

When on holiday in Benidorm, there is a fantastic range of attractions and activities to enjoy, from thrilling theme parks, to the latest beach crazes such as Fly Boarding and Flying Banana Boat rides. For a more sedate, and visually stunning activity, Marco Polo Expediciones offer a guided sea kayaking adventure. Based in the city centre, Marco Polo specialise in some of the best adventures to be had on the Costa Blanca, and their water sport activities are not to be missed.

Sea Kayaking Adventure

Most of Marco Polo's activities start from their office in the city where, if not too far, they supply bicycles for their guests to get to and from the harbour, or other arranged meeting spots. For other adventures, they will usually pick you up from your accommodation in, or close to the city centre. Once you have had a brief team talk, you will leave from the harbour and begin your adventure out to sea. The 2 hour excursion offers beautiful views and a chance to venture as far as the mysterious Benidorm Island (link), where i'm sure, your guide will tell you all about the island's famous myth 🙂

Itinerary & Prices

  • 2 hour guided kayaking excursion from Benidorm harbour.
  • Groups of maximum 6 persons and depending on availability.
  • Kayak rental included.
  • Insurance and professional instructor included.
  • Adult price 35€
  • Kids under 12 years 28€

Please note: All prices may be subject to change.

Sea Fishing

With many miles of glorious coastline, a popular activity when on holiday in Benidorm is to embark on a Sea Fishing Trip.