Fast Food Restaurants in Benidorm

As a cosmopolitan city with millions of visitors all year round, Benidorm naturally has an array of fast food restaurants to choose from. Just about all the internationally recognised branded fast food restaurants have outlets doted around the city centre and surrounding suburbs.

Fast food is definitely not renowned for being the healthiest, and although the local Spanish residents do on occasion treat themselves and their families to fast food takeaways, they generally prefer to picnic on healthier foods. Fresh and delicious crusty breads and rolls, cured hams and sausages, a wide variety of cheeses and fresh salads can all be purchased from one of the local supermarkets and enjoyed as a picnic on the beach or relaxing in one of the local parks.

Burger Bars

As they are so numerous, the locations of fast food restaurants around Benidorm are listed at the end of this article. McDonald's and Burger King are well known for their range of tasty burgers, speciality sandwiches, potato fries, salads, breakfasts, desserts, ice creams, milkshakes and soft drinks. Prices are on par with, or slightly cheaper than outlets in other western European countries and special offers and deals are regularly featured and well advertised. Both of these chains of fast food restaurants have both eat in and takeaway options and McDonald's also have drive-through outlets where customers can order their meal without even having to leave their vehicle.

Fried Chicken

The most famous branded fast food restaurant chain in the chicken category, is undoubtedly Kentucky Fried Chicken. KFC specialise is deep frying their secret recipe coated chicken in pressure fryers and offer a range of succulent chicken dishes and sides. Fried chicken many be purchased in pieces, nuggets or a range of speciality burgers. KFC's menu also offers fries, salads, side dishes and various combos and family ‘bucket' meals as well as milkshakes and soft drinks.

In Spain ‘pollo asados', which is grilled or roast chicken is equally, if not more popular amongst the locals, than fried chicken. Takeaway shops and catering trailers are equipped with huge rotisseries which gently roast the chickens to be sold whole or in halves or quarters. This is, of course, a more healthy cooking option for chicken than deep frying.


Another firm favourite with lovers of fast food restaurants is, of course, pizza. Although pizzas originated in Italy, they are favoured across the Mediterranean region and can be enjoyed in one of Benidorm's many pizzerias or purchased as a takeaway or delivery. The most internationally renowned pizza takeaway chains to be found in Benidorm are Domino's and Telepizza, both of which have a delivery service. Their menus offer a wide range of pizzas in various sizes, all topped with fresh local ingredients. Along with their array of pizza options, both Domino's and Telepizza supply a range of starters, sides, desserts and drinks. Look out for leaflets and various well advertised promotions offering discounts and special offers.

Kebab Shops

Most of the kebab outlets in Benidorm, and indeed Spain, are independently owned and operated. They basically offer the same grilled meat specialities one might expect to find in a kebab house in the UK for example. The lamb and chicken Donner kebabs are large revolving spits of compressed and spiced meats slowly grilled in front of gas burners. Slices of the Donner kebab meat are served together with the option of various fresh salads and sauces in a pitta or flatbread. Other alternatives are skewered Shish or Kofta kebabs roasted over a charcoal grill and served in a similar fashion. The Shish kebab consists of tender chunks of lamb or chicken, whereas the Kofta kebab meat is minced, spiced and shaped on the skewer. Takeaway kebabs are a late night favourite of inebriated revellers on the streets of Benidorm.

The following is a list of some of Benidorm's most popular branded fast food restaurants and their locations:

  • McDonald's – Avinguda Alfonso Puchades
  • McDonald's – de la Hispanidad Placa Pallares
  • McDonald's – Avenida de Madrid Edificio Almadraba
  • Burger King – Avinguda Alcoi
  • Burger King – Avenida Nicaragua
  • Burger King – Avenida Ametlla del Mar
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken – Calle Gerona
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken – Avenida Ametlla del Mar
  • Domino's Pizza – Avenida de Andalucia
  • Telepizza – Avenida de Europa
  • Telepizza – Avenida del Rey Jaime

Chinese Restaurants

Chinese cuisine is a favourite worldwide and Benidorm on Spain's sunny Costa Blanca certainly has its share of quality Chinese restaurants to choose from.