Terra Mitica

Situated on the outskirts of Benidorm City is the thrilling Terra Mitica Theme Park. Set in a large area of parkland boasting tropical gardens, pools, waterways, children's play areas and shady seating areas. The park offers attractions, shows and rides for all the family to enjoy. On entering Terra Mitica it is evident a lot of planning has gone into the park's construction in order to make it a ‘theme park' in the true sense of the word. There are 3 main themed areas, Greece, Rome and Egypt depicting these great empires in days of old. Each area offers exciting rides and spectacular shows that truly give the sense of what life must have been like during those turbulent times.

Terra Mitica
Source: Flickr / Jeremy Thompson

Terra Mitica Services

With all the activities on offer visitors will no doubt work up an appetite, and the park has no shortage of eateries. Each area of the park provides food and refreshments that include all types of soft and alcoholic drinks, ice cream and waffle parlours, sandwiches and baguettes, fast food, pizza, and the huge Pica Picae self service restaurant that has a seating capacity for 750 customers. There are also a selection of shops offering souvenirs, sweets, toys and clothing. The park has a first aid station, information bureau and even its own hotel where guests have full, free access to the park for the duration of their stay.

Terra Mitica Rides

  • Titánide – A 100km / hour decent from 31 metres on an inverted roller coaster with twists, turns and 360 degree loops.
  • Labyrinth Of The Minotaur – Shooting mythological beings with laser guns as this roller coaster winds its way through underground passages.
  • Kinetos' Temple – Fantastic 5D cinema showing 4 magical movies.
  • The Icaruses – A large revolving swing with flying chairs that isn't too scary, great for kids.
  • Synkope – A true nail biter that spins you up, down and around to heights of 35 metres at speeds of up to 90km / hour.
  • Tornado – Another revolving swing, only faster, higher and scarier with great views.
  • The Flight Of The Phoenix – Not for the faint of heart where you will experience vertigo as you free fall from a dizzying height of 54 metres.
  • Ayquesustus – A great ride for the younger ones with a free fall from 6 metres.
  • Rotundus – A lovely family ride on a mini Ferris wheel with views over the park.
  • Inferno – This is a gut churner of a roller coaster where you are launched at 60km / hour with loops, spins and unexpected turns.
  • Port Of Alexandria – A sedate cruise through the park's lakes and waterways with great views.
  • Falls Of The Nile – Cool off on this water ride as you plummet 20 metres for a real soaking.
  • Akuatiti – A calmer water ride that the kids will love.
  • Nile River – A pool area with slides and fountains for the whole family to relax in.

Terra Mitica Shows

  • Hercules – See the might of the famed son of Zeus as the performers re-enact one of Hercules' challenges with a huge lion, warriors and dancers.
  • Panacea – A fantastic show with performances, dances and acrobatics.
  • The Magical Journey – Follow the hilarious adventures of these two travellers and join in with games, song and dance.
  • Quo Vadis – An entertaining adventure where spectators are encouraged to join in as the story of a Centurion and slave unfolds.
  • Mitic Dance – Sing and dance along with the lively performers and their cuddly pets, Baba, Cuca and Mitic.
  • Espartacus – One of the park's most thrilling shows where you will see the mighty Spartacus and his faithful band of slaves take on Rome.
  • Neron – Dancing and circus acts based on a grand reception and feast for Emperor Nero.
  • El Carro De Hamal – Follow the performers as they make their merry way through the streets of Egypt in their crazy carriage.
  • The Secret Of The Pyramid – Enter the pyramid at your own peril where you will encounter horrific ghouls and mummies in a frightening setting.
  • The Andalusian Horse – A breathtaking equestrian performance from these stunning horses accompanied by Flamenco dancers.

Terra Mitica Times & Prices

The park opens at various times from the end of May to the beginning of November. There are a variety of single ticket prices that include adult, senior and junior available online or at the gate. Online booking is the cheaper option. Group ticket prices are payable only at the gate, for a minimum of 20 persons and must be booked 24 hours in advance. These include adult group, senior group and junior group, with the option of including a meal.

Terra Natura

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