The beautiful mountainous areas along the Costa Blanca hide some rugged canyons, gullies, rivers and waterfalls which provide the perfect landscape for the thrilling sport of Canyoning. This adventure sport is increasing in popularity around the world and is one of the best activities to try in Benidorm if you want to combine a variety of sporting techniques with a bit of exercise. Being one of the most popular holiday destinations in Spain, Benidorm offers all sorts of activities and days out that can be enjoyed by all ages, individuals, families and groups.

Canyoning Adventure

Canyoning can be practised in a variety of canyon settings such as dry, steep gullies where a lot of abseiling is required, or gullies and canyons that slope more gently and have water flowing down them, making for a lot of sliding and pool jumping, a natural alternative to the more adventurous slides found in Water Parks.

Levels of difficulty and danger vary enormously and there are some canyoning experiences, like mountaineering, where only the top professionals dare to venture. The canyoning on offer to holidaymakers in Benidorm is based more around having a fun and exiting day out, rather than the more difficult routes that require experience and good fitness levels.

Marco Polo Expediciones

Marco Polo Expediciones are a leading adventure sports operator based in Benidorm City centre that offer some excellent days out and activities, both on land and in the water. For your canyoning adventure they provide climbing and abseiling gear, wet suits, life jackets and helmets. You will head for the mountains where they have specially chosen a canyon that provides all the thrills yet is not too strenuous.

Their guides have used the canyon on countless occasions and know every cliff face, gully and rock pool so you can be assured of a safe canyoning experience. You will enjoy a thrilling few hours of abseiling vertical cliffs, gliding down rapids and jumping into deep rock pools, breathing fresh mountain air and getting in a bit of exercise.


  • 3 hours canyoning adventure with all equipment supplied.
  • You will need swimwear, trainers or hiking boots, spare footwear and drinking water.
  • Price per person is 51€

Please note: Price may be subject to change.

Cable Ski

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