The latest craze to hit the seaside resorts around the world is Flyboarding. Water sports activities are a popular part of most peoples seaside holiday, and the city of Benidorm offers visitors an excellent selection of thrilling things to do in the water. You will see people out on jet skis, surfing, kite surfing, riding banana boats, and these days, there is even a ‘flying' banana boat. In fact, it is the jet ski that inspired the famous jet ski champion, Franky Zapata to invent the Flyboard.

How The Board Works

Using specially adapted and patented nozzles that attach at one end to a jet ski's propulsion system, it then forces the sea water through a long hose to a board with attached boots. These have downward facing nozzles through which the water is forced, producing the thrust to lift the rider out of the water and into the air where it is possible to perform an assortment of aerial acrobatics, and dive in and out of the water, just like a dolphin 🙂

Flyboarding Adventure

Visitors to Benidorm can try this amazing extreme sport with adventure specialists, Marco Polo Expediciones. Their office is based on the main road leading down to the beachfront, Avenida de Europa. Aside from a superb range of other land and water based adventures and activities, Marco Polo offer a 20 minute, and 1 hour Flyboard session. Controlled by your instructor you will challenge gravity, maybe a bit wobbly at first but you will soon get the hang of it. Once riders gain confidence the instructor will increase the power, allowing you to go higher and higher, and hopefully perform a few daring stunts.


  • Flyboarding sessions available daily.
  • Experience not necessary.
  • You will need your passport, swimwear and sun protection.
  • Price for a 20 minute session 80€
  • Price for a 1 hour session 200€

Please note: Prices may be subject to change.


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