Lake Fishing

Anglers the world over will take any chance they can get to do a spot of fishing, and on a holiday in Benidorm there is a selection of fishing to be found, including lake fishing. Unfortunately most fishing in Spain requires a licence and there are not many places where anglers can purchase a 1 day or week licence as most are for the entire season. Leisure fishing without a license around Benidorm's rocky coves tends to be overlooked by parks wardens and officials, although you still may get one who is having a bad day and will confiscate your gear and possibly issue you with a fine. The same can be said for spearfishing so long as you are not spearing rare species or, as some do, commercial diving for sea urchins.

If you can afford the hefty price, there are a number of deep sea fishing boats operating from Benidorm's marina, as well as some of the other nearby coastal towns. For a day's deep sea fishing they charge per boat, so unless you are feeling extremely flush and want to pay for the entire boat for yourself, you will need to arrange a group outing or contact the skipper and see if they can fit you into a group. These boats have the necessary fishing licences and all the gear and bait, so it's just a matter of pitching up and enjoying your day's outing.

Lake Fishing

Fortunately there are a number of reservoirs (embalses) in the Costa Blanca where lake fishing can be enjoyed. Once again, the majority of them only offer seasonal licenses but anglers visiting Benidorm will be pleased to know, the picturesque Embalse de Amadorio is one of the very few that offers a lake fishing day license at a very reasonable 12€.

Situated between the towns of Villajoyosa and Orxeta, the reservoir is only 12 kilometres from Benidorm and contains species such as Carp, Barbel (Catfish), Black Bass, Zander and Pike. Carp fishing is the most popular here and they can reach over 50lb. Forget your pellets and boillies, the Carp in Amadorio have a liking for bread and sweet corn, as is the case in much of this region. The reservoir and surrounding countryside are very picturesque and make for a great day out for all the family. You can bring along a picnic and bathing costume, just be respectful with your litter and don't swim where there are people fishing. Tight lines 🙂

Kite Surfing

A relatively new kid on the block when it comes to the world of water sports, kite surfing has dramatically increased in popularity since its infancy in the late 1990's.