Seafurious Jet Boat

Being a coastal city, Benidorm is a top destination for a number of water based activities including an assortment of boat rides, and the latest craze aimed at adrenaline junkies is the super fast Seafurious Jet Boat. Using high powered jets of water rather than a propeller for propulsion, these boats were designed in New Zealand as a way to avoid costly damage to boat propellers in shallow lakes and rivers. They are now used widely throughout the world for both military and civilian purposes, but again, it was the fearless New Zealanders who first used jet boats as an extreme sport.

Crazy Kiwi's

Unlike Seafurious that performs its stunts on the open sea, the Kiwi's prefer to traumatise their passengers by taking them at high speed along narrow river gorges, negotiating twists and turns with inches to spare between the boat and gorge walls. As technology has become more and more advanced, so has the power and abilities of jet boats and they now have the speed and agility of a jet-ski, although Seafurious has a capacity for 12 passengers.

Seafurious Jet Boat Rides

Operating out of Benidorm's marina, the brightly coloured red and black Seafurious Jet Boat offers daily rides from 10:00 to 18:00 during the peak summer months of August and September and can carry a maximum of 12 passengers. In order to handle the rigorous G-forces it is put through, the boat is extremely sturdy and has seats and hand rails specially designed for maximum support during the stops and turns.

Once passengers are given a brief safety talk and donned their life jackets, the boat heads out of the marina area and in safe open water. Now the action begins as the initial thrust on take off leaves passengers feeling as if they've been glued to their seats. The next 25 minutes are a thrilling combination of power slides, speed runs, fishtails and dizzying 360 degree spins.

Sea Kayaking

All visitors to Benidorm have seen the view of this high rise city from the road, but to see it from a couple of miles out to sea is quite dramatic, and the most relaxing way to enjoy this view is on a sea kayaking tour.