Stand Up Paddle Surfing

The world of water sports just keeps getting better, with more and more exiting activities becoming available to holidaymakers each year such as stand up paddle surfing (SUP). With so many tourists flocking to seaside towns and resorts each summer looking for fun in the sun, the demand for water sports activities has never been higher, and when on holiday in Benidorm visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to fun stuff to do on the water.

Stand Up Paddle Surfing

Stand up paddle surfing, although a relatively new sport, is basically a modern take on the age old tradition of using carved wooden canoes and a paddle as a means of transport or for fishing. The sport originated in Hawaii, and its popularity as an outdoor sports activity has grown to the extent that in 2013 it had the most first time participants in America than any other outdoor sports activity that year.

One of the main advantages of SUP is that, unlike surfing that requires waves, or windsurfing that requires wind, you can paddle surf or paddle board without either of these elements. Having a paddle enables you to either use your paddle board like a canoe and explore the coastline, or if the waves are up you can use it to surf.

Safe Surfing

Although Benidorm has an excellent selection of water sports to choose from, many of them are restricted to certain cordoned off areas due to the high amount of swimmers in the water. The closest and best places to enjoy a great range of water sports when on holiday in Benidorm is either in Santa Pola which is about an hours drive, or Altea which is less than 30 minutes and easily reachable by bicycle. Both of these towns are well known for their water sports, and for those who have never tried stand up paddle surfing, lessons are available. Those that have experience in the sport can choose from a number of adventurous excursions.

Seafurious Jet Boat

Being a coastal city, Benidorm is a top destination for a number of water based activities including an assortment of boat rides, and the latest craze aimed at adrenaline junkies is the super fast Seafurious Jet Boat.