With thousands of miles of coastline, both on the Mediterranean and Atlantic oceans, Spain is a popular destination for surfing. Although there are some great surf spots in the warmer waters of the Mediterranean, it is Spain's Atlantic coastline that boasts the biggest swells and attracts surfers from all over the world. Located in the Bay of Biscay between Bilbao and San Sebastián, the town of Mundaka holds legendary status among the world's surfing nomads and is possibly the best river mouth wave in the world. Not far from Mundaka is the town of Zarautz that also enjoys fantastic surfing conditions and is home to an excellent Surf Camp for surfers of all levels.

Source: Flickr / Michael Elleray

Surfing In Benidorm

Ok, that was just a teaser of a couple of Spain's best surf spots, but it's time to look at what surfing in Benidorm has to offer. Famous for it's nightlife, and Europe's top destination for Stag & Hen parties, Benidorm is more of a party city than a surfing destination. Just past the marina, at the beginning of the popular Poniente Beach is the best spot to surf in Benidorm. Here the waves break on the beach and can sometimes run for up to 150 metres, reaching sizes of 2 metres on a good day. The best conditions are when the wind is from the North and the swells are coming in from South/South, East.

The closest surf shop to Benidorm is in nearby Calpe, and there are further surf shops a bit further afield in Javea and Dénia. For all sorts of board sports and surf schools, La Manga Resort on the lovely Mar Menor is under 2 hours drive from Benidorm and a favourite spot for water sports. So, if it's large swells and top surfing spots you are looking for in Spain, brave the cold and head North to the mighty Atlantic Ocean.

Stand Up Paddle Surfing

The world of water sports just keeps getting better, with more and more exiting activities becoming available to holidaymakers each year such as stand up paddle surfing (SUP).